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Differences Between VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting & Dedicated Server

Jul 06. 2015

A lot of options often make the task difficult for webmasters. Many of you ask us that what are the differences between a VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated server. This article is to answer that query. Hopefully, this one will help you to figure out the differences between these servers.Let'...

5 Benefits of Using Managed Windows VPS For Business

Oct 11. 2015

If you are running a small to midsized business then you must know the importance of a website. A website alone is nothing if it doesn't have a quality hosting service alongside. There are lots of available hosting services around the web and that is why things may easily get confusing. Hopefully, t...

Windows VPS - Why Do You Need VPS hosting or Windows virtual server?

Sep 28. 2015

Windows VPS is ideal for those looking for an inexpensive, reliable and fully secure hosting solution. A Windows VPS plan is an all-in-one service where people receive all the possible features at a very affordable price. The same functionality should be available on a dedicated server too, but it w...


Things to Know When Choosing Windows VPS Service

Sep 25. 2015

A lot of webmasters are now moving from shared hosting or premium hosting to virtual private networks. There are reasons behind this decision but if you want to get into the core of it and if you want to host your website in a windows virtual private service, you have to first understand how windows...

Schedule Disk Defragmentation

Nov 07. 2015

Manual defragmentation of you disks is possible, but since it tends to take a lot of time, it is best to schedule it to automatically run while you are asleep or away from your computer.Windows Server 2003 - Using Schedule Tasks1. Open Control Panel, double-click Scheduled Tasks2. Double-click Add S...

Disk Defragmenter Windows

Nov 07. 2015

Disk Defragmenter is a utility in Microsoft Windows designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations, a technique called defragmentation. Defragmenting a disk minimizes head travel, which reduces the time it takes to read files from and w...


VPSGurus - Best Hyper-V Virtualization Servers?

Apr 18. 2013

We are here to provide you with best Microsoft Hyper-V can offer. We want to give you full flexibility, so you can change OS any time you want, upgrade or downgrade plan, restore from backup. All our plans including VPS and reseller come with premium bandwidth with six different premium bandwidth pr...

Gurus Support - Full 24 7 help desk support

Feb 06. 2013

We offer completely managed support which alone costs more than complete VPS package at dedicated server providers! We offer support with live chat, e-mail, and ticket support system.

VPS Hosting for Online Businesses

Feb 05. 2013

Buying a VPS server to host and support your online business’s website could help in increasing the confidence level among your consumers, about the business, by letting them know that you are never going to make compromises when it comes to the quality of your services. This will help you in buil...


What Makes VPS Hosting a Better Choice than Dedicated Server Hosting

Feb 01. 2013

It has been few years now since Virtual private hosting (VPS hosting) entered the webhosting scene. Prior to the introduction of VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting was the ultimate hosting option that ruled the webhosting world. For any person who gets tired of all the stability and security issu...

CMS VPS - Windows Virtual Hosting for WordPress

Jan 31. 2013

Even though there are a lot of people talking with reference to “WordPress Hosting”, it seems that only a small number of them actually understand what it is. The vast majority of the webmasters seems to have many concerns and problems about what WordPress hosting is. Most of the hosting service...

Why Should a Webmaster Select Windows Virtual Private Servers to Host a Website?

Jan 30. 2013

When someone decides to make a presence on the Internet, for himself or for his business, among the things he has to decide earliest in the process is the type of a hosting option he is going to buy for it. So if he does some research and decides to buy VPS hosting, the next big problem he would fac...


How to Spot a Good Windows VPS Hosting Service Provider

Jan 29. 2013

Once you decide to buy VPS hosting for your website, there are quite a few things that you should to be conscious about. In this blog post, you can find a list of the most important stuff that ought to consider before buying Windows VPS hosting from any service provider.The price of the VPS hosting ...

Moving Ahead from Free Hosting to VPS Hosting

Jan 28. 2013

The majority of people who put up an online presence for the first time usually show a tendency to go for free hosting services to satisfy their hosting needs, for the most obvious reason, because it's free. Free hosting options are usually supported by advertisements and permit the webmasters to ma...

The True Advantages of VPS Apps

Jan 26. 2013

It is actually hard to think of any application that would not run better on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Still, in this article we will be talking regarding the top four apps that we believe you ought to absolutely choose a VPS hosting environment to operate; Forex VPS, Reseller VPS, Game server...