5 Benefits of Using Managed Windows VPS For Business

5 Benefits of Using Managed Windows VPS For Business

Oct 11. 2015

If you are running a small to midsized business then you must know the importance of a website. A website alone is nothing if it doesn't have a quality hosting service alongside. There are lots of available hosting services around the web and that is why things may easily get confusing. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand why windows vps is a good idea for especially small businesses.

The first reason is fast performance. You always want your customers or potential customers to have a quick and fast experience in your website and windows vps can take care of that part for you. When you use vps hosting, the websites load faster and this loading speed will end up getting customers for your business.

The second reason is scalability. When you are using a service like windows vps, you can easily change and upgrade everything that you need on your website such as ram, space, cpu and so on. This upgrading feature is not available on regular hosting services and this can easily give your business an extreme benefit which you would have never received otherwise.

The third benefit is definitely customer service. The regular customer services of shared hosting are not actually bad. You can submit tickets and they will solve your problem normally within 24 hours period but when you are running a business, 24 hours can be a long time. When you are using a service such as windows vps, you can easily call someone, chat or email with the customer service to solve your problem immediately. All quality vps services offer immediate customer support and that is what you need for your business.

The forth benefit is security. As a small business owner, you should make sure that the smallest of information of your business are safe. There are lots of owners who don’t even want to share that they are the owner of certain domains. Hacking is a common practice to get rid of competitors in the business world. No matter what the companies say, a shared hosting is never safe as they can’t guaranty you a dedicated server. With a simple windows vps service, this problem will be solved. The websites of vps hosting are safe and they never get hacked.

The last benefit is the cost and time. As a smart businessman, you should know that time is always money and when you use a service such as managed vps hosting, you will be able to save a lot of time. You won’t have to even think about the website once the website is up and running. The company tech experts of the hosting providers make sure that the website is fine and they always inform you if something interesting happens to the site. You are safe and you have enough time to actually put in your business if you take a vps hosting solution.

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