The True Advantages of VPS Apps

The True Advantages of VPS Apps

Jan 26. 2013

It is actually hard to think of any application that would not run better on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Still, in this article we will be talking regarding the top four apps that we believe you ought to absolutely choose a VPS hosting environment to operate; Forex VPS, Reseller VPS, Game server VPS, and Webmail VPS.

Forex VPS

In order to make the most out of Forex apps, the best option is to buy VPS hosting. Although the advantages like Speed, price, and security are obvious, key advantage of using VPS hosting to power Forex apps it lets you stay in touch with your trading platform from wherever you are, given that you have access to the internet. It is needless to carry your Laptop with all its data to anywhere you travel. If you can find a computer with internet access, you can login to your trading app, which is operational 24/7.

Reseller VPS

The best way to get the most out of reseller hosting apps is purchasing a VPS hosting option. As a rule resellers require plenty of disk space, and disk space is way cheaper on VPS hosting than on dedicated hosting. In addition, having complete root access makes it easy to control reseller accounts.

Game Server VPS

Like any other app, game servers could also gain from the low price of VPS hosting, in contrast to the high prices of dedicated servers. With all the dedicated resources, a game server VPS can provide everything gamers expect from game servers. The majority of VPS hosting service providers constantly attempt to stay updated with the latest and the fastest internet connection speeds, ping times and processors, which aren’t priorities of shared hosting service providers. An additional advantage of Game Server VPS is the extra safety measures. As VPS hosting options offer super-admin privileges, gamers have a better possibility of surviving the hacker attacks that attempt to infect their gaming software.

Webmail VPS

Buying a VPS hosting option is not a choice but a must for companies that offer web-based email (webmail) offerings. Along with the benefits like security, application speed and price, the most significant benefit of buying VPS hosting is receiving full admin rights (root access) to your server. Because VPS hosting accounts allow the users to install and configure any third-party app, webmail VPS owners have the ability to stay away of the damages they could face by not being able to have a good data recovery solution on their mail server.

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