CMS VPS - Windows Virtual Hosting for WordPress

CMS VPS - Windows Virtual Hosting for WordPress

Jan 31. 2013

Even though there are a lot of people talking with reference to “WordPress Hosting”, it seems that only a small number of them actually understand what it is. The vast majority of the webmasters seems to have many concerns and problems about what WordPress hosting is. Most of the hosting service providers, including leading VPS hosting service providers, offer 100% support for WordPress. Currently, WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) on the market. Within the past few years, WordPress has been able to gain a lot of popularity, not just as a good platform for blogging, but also as a CMS that can serve as the basic structure for any business websites (big or small) anywhere in the world.

VPS hosting for WordPress

Despite the fact that most of the people tend to start a WordPress website with shared hosting options (specially blogs), as soon as that website gains some reputation and starts getting more and more daily visitors, there is no other alternative but advancing to a much better hosting solution. Since majority of the WordPress sites are usually managed by individuals or by small business owners, the most excellent choice they can take is to buy VPS webhosting. For them, investing thousands of dollars for a dedicated hosting solution is pointless, when they have the ability to have the same security and control level for a much lower price with a VPS.

In the present day, most of the leading VPS hosting service providers support WordPress hosting. Actually, WordPress has been able to turn into such an important product, if any hosting service provider decides not to offer support for it, they will be turning away a lot of potential customers.
As you start searching for a reputed hosting service provider in order to buy VPS webhosting for a WordPress website, there are several things that you should consider. The very first thing is support for PHP scripts. You must search for a VPS hosting service provider with support for PHP scripts as WordPress CMS operates on PHP. After that you must make certain that they are able to offer a guaranteed server uptime. Any good VPS hosting service provider would offer more than 99% guaranteed server uptime. Also try to go for a hosting service provider that offers around the clock technical support. Additionally, make certain that the phone number of the hosting provider is working so you will be able to get in touch with them directly in an emergency.

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