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VPS Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

Jan 25. 2013

In case if someone has only worked with the websites that just provide content, such as blogs or information websites, he may not be very familiar with the phrase “Ecommerce hosting”. Ecommerce hosting is a thing that you would require if you want to sell your products or services via your websi...

Security of Your VPS Hosting Account

After you buy VPS hosting for your online business, you go all the way through the course of action of setting it up and then configuring it. After that you teach yourself how to administer it by the book. Then you design your business website, host it on your virtual server and as soon as it starts...

Buying VPS Hosting: How Much RAM, Bandwidth and HDD Capacity Do You Need

Jan 23. 2013

Creating and maintaining a business website could be costly sometimes. Even so, for any type of business, there are a lot of benefits to maintaining a presence on the Internet. It is capable of helping to promote any business and at the same time can also help a business in the area of customer supp...


VPS Hosting for CMS: Advantages of Drupal

Jan 22. 2013

A Content Management System (CMS) is capable of improving the usability experience of even the biggest websites on the WWW. They have the ability to make it really easy for the webmasters to publish their new content on the website. In addition, CMSs are capable of providing the visitors with a dyna...

Windows VPS Hosting vs. Linux VPS Hosting: The Battle of the Operating Systems

Jan 21. 2013

Any person that is even slightly relate to the web hosting world knows about the two major OS titans in today’s VPS hosting market are Windows and Linux. Regardless of whether you choose to buy VPS hosting, Shared hosting or Dedicated hosting, you will almost always have to choose between Linux ho...

Switching to VPS Servers from Shared Servers

Jan 20. 2013

Every webmaster knows that it is the best time to shift to a VPS server, when their website is getting bigger and is going to outgrow its shared server. Also, incase if your new business website is slightly complex and has massive databases that, in return, demand high-level of computing power and r...


Buying A Reseller Windows VPS Hosting Package That Offers the Best Features

Jan 19. 2013

Reseller VPS hosting packages are kind of hosting packages that can be purchased via most of the VPS hosting providers, which you have the ability to buy VPS servers and re-sell the resources that are on your VPS to other clients. Today there are hundreds of VPS hosting service providers that provid...

How to Protect A Windows VPS from Hackers

Jan 18. 2013

In recent times we have noticed that the number of Windows VPSs and the websites running on those VPSs getting hacked or infiltrate is increasing significantly. There are many webmasters and businesses that are really frustrated due to their websites getting damaged. In addition some of them had exp...

Buying VPS Hosting to Create a VPN with OpenVPN

Jan 17. 2013

The safety and cost have been among the top concerns which are related to network connectivity at all times. And it seems that they are going to become bigger and bigger concerns when a lot of public and private businesses are moving towards storing their mission critical data on offsite or onsite d...


Why Do People Buy VPS Hosting?

Jan 16. 2013

All the online businesses could always do with a little superior level of privacy, reliability and security for their own websites and web applications plus all their resources and data, all the time. This can be seen as the main reason that the majority of online businesses tend to buy VPS hosting ...

VPS Hosting for Online Data Storing

Jan 15. 2013

These days, buying VPS hosting to use as a storage medium has become a new trend. There is a huge number of motivations that could make a corporation or any webmaster want to shift all of the data from the on-site PCs into an off-site VPS. Even the majority of people that keeps all of their data and...

Windows VPS Game Servers

Jan 14. 2013

First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) are always on the top of the list of main attractions of any hardcore gamer on earth. The there are 2 words - latency and lag - which we always here when talking about MMORPG and FPS games. Latency and lag ...


Deciding Between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting

Jan 13. 2013

Shared webhosting can be seen as the most common form of budget hosting. This hosting option enables sharing the resources in a physical server machine among multiple webmasters, which makes it more economical as the expenses of the physical server are distributed between many. With the intention of...

How Does Windows VPS Hosting Work?

Jan 12. 2013

The three letters “VPS” represent Virtual Private Servers. The term is used in order to represent virtual machines or “server machines” that have enormous benefits and functionalities, which they are able to use to offer a very high level of reliability and security for any type of website o...

Why Should You Choose Windows VPS Hosting?

Jan 11. 2013

When you make a decision to make an online presence for your business, one thing you will have to make your mind up is what type of hosting you would use. In case if you choose to buy VPS hosting for your web presence, the next big question will be whether to buy Windows VPS hosting or to buy VPS ho...