Why Should a Webmaster Select Windows Virtual Private Servers to Host a Website?

Why Should a Webmaster Select Windows Virtual Private Servers to Host a Website?

Jan 30. 2013

When someone decides to make a presence on the Internet, for himself or for his business, among the things he has to decide earliest in the process is the type of a hosting option he is going to buy for it. So if he does some research and decides to buy VPS hosting, the next big problem he would face is whether to choose a Linux virtual server or a Windows virtual server. Although both of these server operating systems contain their own benefits and drawbacks, below is a list of benefits that a webmaster could have by buying a Windows VPS over a Linux VPS .

Advantages of choosing a Windows VPS option:

Windows virtual hosting options have the capability of supporting all the other technologies by Microsoft including .NET and ASP.NET, and also various databases, including many versions of SQL SERVER.

A Windows VPS hosting option is able to support bigger databases, which is critical for online business websites with huge e-commerce websites. Windows virtual servers works really well with MySQL databases and PHP Scripts. The Linux virtual servers are only able to support PHP. The Windows VPS options are able to work-well with a variety of server control panels, such as Helm, WebsitePanel, and DotNetPanel. Windows VPS servers can provide a superior level of flexibility, availability and functionality for any online business. The majority of control panels offered with Windows hosting options can help make server administration and customization easier for the clients. It is compatible with all the other software by Microsoft. As Windows OSs (server and desktop) are developed by Microsoft, they are highly compatible with all the other Microsoft apps & software. This makes life easier for the webmasters that build and manage interactive websites. Less complicated – The Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is available with all the Windows VPS packages. The RDP presents a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface), which makes server administration less complicated.

A large number of online entrepreneurs and newbies who are searching for high security levels, availability and flexibility for online business websites show a tendency to buy Windows VPS hosting over Linux VPS hosting because of the benefits mentioned above. Nonetheless, it is essential to make certain that the VPS hosting service provider you select provides each and every service, which is stated on its SLA agreement. Windows VPS hosting can also be seen as a great option for anyone who is a newbie to web hosting and struggling to find a hosting option, which is affordable and also delivers a high level of performance.

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