Differences Between VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting & Dedicated Server

Differences Between VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting & Dedicated Server

Jul 06. 2015

A lot of options often make the task difficult for webmasters. Many of you ask us that what are the differences between a VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated server. This article is to answer that query. Hopefully, this one will help you to figure out the differences between these servers.

Let's start our discussion with shared hosting service as this is still now one of the most common ones for people. So, why shared hosting is popular? The reason is simple and it is only because shared hosting concept was invented early. Yes, shared hosting is not bad and the cost is very reasonable but these are not the only reasons that why this hosting is famous. If you are hosting a small website which won’t go too big at any point, shared hosting is your solution. Your cost will be low and the support is standard from most quality companies.

There are some issues with a shared hosting account though which you should know about. If your website has a potential to grow big then you will have to face issues in upgrading your hosting continuously and it will increase your cost a lot. Shared hosting is not that safe as a lot of people are hosting their sites on the same server. If the server gets hacked, all the websites are affected and things become difficult.

If you are going to go for a shared hosting, make sure that you are picking a quality company that offers great customer support because you will need it a lot in different moments.

Now let’s talk about VPS hosting. VPS hosting can be of two types which are managed and unmanaged vps hosting. As you might know, our website offers managed virtual hosting. We will try not to be biased so you can still continue reading the article.

VPS offers a dedicated environment which is easier to access than a dedicated server. It is something that stays in between a shared hosting and a dedicated server. There are different types of VPS but we are not going to talk about them as they might make this article complex.

The best part of VPS is the dedicated server, therefore great security, speed and real environment. This solves all the issues that you might have with a shared hosting. VPS hosting is a bit more priced than shared hosting because you are using a complete server but if you are managing a midsized website then this should not be a problem.

If you don’t think your website will be big enough in future, you should stick with the shared hosting. But if you have a growing site, it is better to move to a VPS to save cost in the long run.

Now let’s talk about the dedicated servers. They are known as the most prime quality technology when it comes to hosting. If you are already having a large site or having a midsized one which will be large soon, getting a dedicated server is probably not a bad idea.

The negative side is obviously the cost. It is way too costly for most webmasters but you have to understand the premium quality too.

No matter which service you choose, always judge the market and then decide to be safe. There are lots of companies out there and many people receive bad experience in terms of product quality and customer support.

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