Affiliate program

How it works

How would you like to lower your monthly VPS bills? Maybe even make them disappear? It's easy! As our valued customer, you are automatically enrolled as an affiliate. If you are not our customer, you can sign up here. Look for your affiliate tracking link under affiliates tab in our customer portal. For each customer that completes a purchase via your link, your account will be credited 10% - 25% (dependign on discount coupons applied) of his payments for as long as he stays with us. Also, if someone visits our page once using your link and completes a purchase even after 90 days, you will still receive your reward. You can find banners and other advertising media below. Make sure that you use the link found in the affiliate tab when adding banners or links to our web site.

Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Add banner and/or text link on your web page. For text links you can use any of the following anchor texts (link titles): vps hosting, windows vps, vps, virtual servers
  • Write good review on forums you use for some time, or add our link to your signature
  • Post our banner, link or even review on your FaceBook page, recommend us to your friends, etc.
  • Recommend us on your blog
  • Recommend us using your mailing list

If these instructions are followed accordingly, you are guaranteed success.

If you have any questions or suggestion, get in touch with us. If your technically challenged (e.g. links, banners, html, etc.) We will assist you with the setup. Also, if you are interested in becoming our reseller, please contact us. We can offer big recurring discounts and our services easily sell.


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