Things to Know When Choosing Windows VPS Service

Things to Know When Choosing Windows VPS Service

Sep 25. 2015

A lot of webmasters are now moving from shared hosting or premium hosting to virtual private networks. There are reasons behind this decision but if you want to get into the core of it and if you want to host your website in a windows virtual private service, you have to first understand how windows vps is different than the regular shared hosting.

Let’s use an example to understand the difference between shared hosting services and vps services. Think of you as someone who wants to buy a house for his family. Now you can either buy a flat in a storage building where tons of other people are living around you. Or, you can also buy a land and build your own beautiful house there where you will be the sole owner of the land and the house. Now simply substitute the flat experience with the shared hosting and the land owning experience with vps.

Now there is a common perception that vps hosting is costlier than the regular shared hosting. Well, this is not true if you compare the facilities that you receive in both the hosting types. Dedicated hosting is the costliest hosting service which is designed for the exclusive websites. On the other hand, vps hosting can be used for any website.

There are certain things that you need to keep your mind while you are deciding to go for vps. In this section of the article, let’s address some of the facts that you need to have in mind to choose the best vps service.

If you want to build a website which is scalable and you believe that the website will keep getting bigger and better then the best idea is to go with vps because you don’t receive cost effective services for big websites when it comes to vps. On the other hand, vps servers are better built as there are backups including UPS, optional server and many more to make sure that your website is never down which is not available for most of the shared hosting providers.

Most websites start with shared hosting services which is logical because you don’t want to spend a lot of money when you are starting the website but there is a time in every website’s life when you should think about moving ahead. There are some specific reasons that why you should move to vps.

The first reason is high traffic. When you receive high traffic, you will have to move to a better hosting and there is no better one than a vps hosting to manage a big volume of traffic.

The second reason is definitely reliability. As your website grows, you want a more reliable hosting provider and vps can be a real good choice at this point of time.

If you want to brand your website better to the world including the search engines with own name servers and dedicated IP addresses then you will have to move to vps instead of regular hosting.

Lastly, if you want to control your websites in a better way on your own then the best option is definitely VPS. VPS hosting will give you enough control over all of your websites.

All in all, decide wisely that whether you want to move to a bigger world to cater your website or not.

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