What Makes VPS Hosting a Better Choice than Dedicated Server Hosting

What Makes VPS Hosting a Better Choice than Dedicated Server Hosting

Feb 01. 2013

It has been few years now since Virtual private hosting (VPS hosting) entered the webhosting scene. Prior to the introduction of VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting was the ultimate hosting option that ruled the webhosting world. For any person who gets tired of all the stability and security issues that associate shared hosting options, or else wanted a higher level of control on their web server had to buy dedicated hosting. On the other hand, the main shortcoming of dedicated server hosting was the price. Dedicated hosting options have always been very expensive, and it is hard for an individual webmasters to afford one. They also came with a lot of extra resources, which most of the webmasters did not need. This ultimately meant that webmasters were paying a massive amount of cash for the resources that they were not even using. As a result of this, a lot of small-to-medium sized company owners and individual webmasters had no choice but to return to a shared hosting option after trying out dedicated hosting for some time.

But it all changed with the introduction of virtual private server hosting solutions. VPS hosting came under an affordable price tag, so any webmaster could buy VPS hosting and stop worrying about all the security and stability problems that comes with shared hosting. Additionally, VPS server hosting has the ability to offer the level of configurability and control of dedicated server hosting. In other words, this meant that if any webmaster buys VPS hosting, he could enjoy almost the same level of flexibility and resources of dedicated server hosting, for a very low cost.

It is correct that dedicated servers can usually offer more resources than VPS hosting. However, for the vast majority of the webmasters, it is not an issue. Even the most primitive VPS hosting package offers a great deal more control and resources than a shared hosting package. In case any webmaster discovers that the resources available on his VPS server are not enough to support his website or applications, he is able to upgrade the package to a better package with more resources very easily.

Below is a summary of points on why anyone should go for VPS hosting over other hosting options.

It is more secure than any shared hosting solutions.

It is very budget conscious.

It offers more control over the server than shared hosting.

It is ideal for small business websites.

It can provide the level of flexibility and security of a dedicated server hosting solution, under a much lower price tag.

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