Why Do People Buy VPS Hosting?

Why Do People Buy VPS Hosting?

Jan 16. 2013

All the online businesses could always do with a little superior level of privacy, reliability and security for their own websites and web applications plus all their resources and data, all the time. This can be seen as the main reason that the majority of online businesses tend to buy VPS hosting packages for their hosting needs, rather than buying a cheap shared hosting package. Buying a Windows VPS hosting option is generally considered as investing in the best hosting technology (Microsoft’s Hyper-V) as they have the ability to offer about all the functionalities and features of dedicated hosting, which simply means that VPS servers are capable of supporting any advance websites or web applications.

Different virtualization technologies used in order to create VPS hosting options (Hyper-V technology by Microsoft on Windows VPS servers), use different approaches, ranging from OS level to hardware level virtualization. Hyper-V virtualization technology, the virtualization technology created by the Microsoft, is designed in a way that sets up an abstraction layer between the hardware of the server machine and the OS that operates on that hardware. In a way, Hyper-V technology can trick the server OS to treat a single physical server as a collection of separate computing resources. This allows the simultaneous running of multiple operating systems on one physical server.

When it comes to VPS hosting options, the resources that belong to one physical server, such as RAM, CPU and hard disk space, get partitioned and every single “virtual server” will be assigned a dedicated fraction of those resources.

The Hyper-V technology also has the ability to decrease the danger of IT breakdowns and also the threat of losing the data of small and medium businesses. With a Windows VPS options businesses can bring down the initial expenses via server automation and consolidation, while reducing the loss of profits just by lessening the server downtimes as well.
One more motivation for many businesses to buy VPS servers is their capability of delivering the same level of performance as of dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is capable of providing its clients with complete administrative control, higher server capacity, higher bandwidth, best safety measures and disaster-recovery choices, plus higher levels of availability and reliability. Since Hyper-V technology offers true hardware isolation, any VPS server will never get affected as a result of an action by another VPS user within the exact same physical server.

As a result of all the advantages that VPS solutions are capable of offering, a lot of small to medium business owners are attracted to virtualization for a choice of webhosting, to accomplish considerable additional reimbursement in their regions of concern.

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