Buying VPS Hosting to Create a VPN with OpenVPN

Buying VPS Hosting to Create a VPN with OpenVPN

Jan 17. 2013

The safety and cost have been among the top concerns which are related to network connectivity at all times. And it seems that they are going to become bigger and bigger concerns when a lot of public and private businesses are moving towards storing their mission critical data on offsite or onsite data storage or hosting facilities that are usually connected into their company network and ultimately to the internet. Since any type of damage, loss or stealing of the data of these businesses may possibly lead in the direction of stern fiscal consequences, the highest level of possible security is considered an obligation. On the other hand, every one of these organizations also has the need of making certain to keep the expenses of their information infrastructure as low as possible.

Among the most well-liked methods of attaining fairly higher level of data security together with cost efficient network connectivity is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A Virtual Private Network operates as an exclusive leased line, but with superior security level. Nevertheless, how it decreases the safety threats is through encrypting the data transferred via the connection that enables to use the low-priced network connections as a medium for transferring sensitive information. So VPNs, regardless of software or hardware, is a very good method to deal with the issue of having high security with low cost.

Generally, hardware Virtual Private Networks tend to be expensive than their software equivalents. Additionally, you can also find a number of free software VPN options, such as OpenVPN. OpenVPN, a TLS/SSL based user-space VPN, is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), which means it could be tailored in any way to address the necessities of any type of organization. OpenVPN Supports Windows 2000/XP, Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and NetBSD. Two of the other popular VPN apps are Cisco VPN Client and Hamachi.

Because OpenVPN is an application, the expenses could be lessened even further more via buying a VPS hosting option to run it. The notions of VPS hosting and VPNs are relatively parallel to each other. While multiple virtual servers are created on one physical server in VPS hosting, a VPN crafts a virtual, safe network connection on top of a regular network connection. Buying VPS hosting to run OpenVPN is also extremely safe as the VPN VPS will be operating on an entirely isolated environment. If you buy VPS hosting from a good hosting provider, multiple individual VPN VPS solutions could be operated simultaneously. A “VPS OpenVPN” is capable of being highly convenient for any type of network-connected corporation, as it has the ability to offer a high level of network security while lowering the expenses furthermore. On top of all that, a VPS OpenVPN hosting option could also provide a high level of flexibility for upgrades and modifications.

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