Deciding Between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting

Deciding Between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting

Jan 13. 2013

Shared webhosting can be seen as the most common form of budget hosting. This hosting option enables sharing the resources in a physical server machine among multiple webmasters, which makes it more economical as the expenses of the physical server are distributed between many. With the intention of maintaining privacy of every user, some key practices are used to map each domain (user). Although these practices are useable, ultimately, buying a shared hosting package to host your website is kind of similar to having to live in an apartment building where there is a huge amount of public or common areas.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting was initially introduced in order to address this problem. If you buy VPS hosting for your domain, it will definitely provide a high level of isolation and flexibility, although you will still be able to share the assets of a one physical server, making it economical. In VPS hosting, the separation of one host from the other is accomplished by operating a separate operating system for each and every host. After buying a VPS server, the webmaster acquires access to his server's “root” level, which enables him to practice most of the features of dedicated server hosting, and do it under a much lower price tag.

Why should you buy VPS hosting above Shared hosting

If you buy shared hosting, you won’t be able to tailor your own firewall configurations because of a variety of security concerns. Nonetheless, some of the programs and applications require specific firewall protocols or ports to stay closed or opened for various reasons. If you buy VPS hosting, you can personalize the firewall configurations as you wish, enabled by the isolation of users.

buy VPS hostingGiven that each VPS hosting account is entirely isolated from the other VPS accounts on the same physical server, the security level of a VPS is very high. Especially with the hyper-v technology of Microsoft, the level of security is almost same as of dedicated server hosting. In addition, this will also decrease the threat of your website having collateral damage from DoS attacks that are targeted at some other website.

When you buy VPS hosting, all of the resources included in your package will be guaranteed for your usage. So any other webmaster in the server can’t steal away from your portion of server resources. This means that your service would become much more reliable than on shared hosting.

Protected Email Service
Every customer who buys VPS hosting will get their own e-mail server. This eliminates the risk of your e-mail service becoming blacklisted due to abusive usage of the other webmasters sharing a single e-mail service.

Client Configured Apps As customers obtain root access to the server when they buy VPS hosting, they can install any third-party app or software that their VPS hosting provider doesn’t provide. Some hosting companies might take one more step forward and even provide tech support for a number of selected third-party software.

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