How Does Windows VPS Hosting Work?

How Does Windows VPS Hosting Work?

Jan 12. 2013

The three letters “VPS” represent Virtual Private Servers. The term is used in order to represent virtual machines or “server machines” that have enormous benefits and functionalities, which they are able to use to offer a very high level of reliability and security for any type of website or application. VPS hosting options could also prop up various operating system instances with many virtualization platforms and it can boost flexibility and customizability in hosting almost any type of website. While a VPS hosting option employs the techniques that are used in shared hosting to drive the price down, it offers almost the same features as of a dedicated hosting option, and delivers a high level of security and performance.

aWhen someone is buying VPS hosting, they are buying a Virtual Server, otherwise known as Virtual Machine, which is formed by dividing the resources of a robust dedicated server into a number of virtual machines. The assets of the dedicated physical server such as processer, bandwidth, hard disk, and RAM are split and shared among the virtual machines. However, unlike in shared hosting, each one of the VPSs would get its very own portion of dedicated resources. The latest virtualization technology of Microsoft, Hyper-V 3.0, makes it possible to split the expenses of maintaining the physical server with the other VPS clients on the same server, without having to worry about the server downtimes, low bandwidth, or intruder attacks.

How Does a Windows VPS Work?

As mentioned above, VPS hosting options are able to distribute the server instances separately to each one of the customers who purchase Windows VPS hosting, and each one of them can host as many websites or web applications as they wish, on their own virtual private server without having to get permission from any other person. Every VPS hosting package runs its own isolated procedure inside the physical server, but still offers root access to all the VPS customers with total privacy while offering guaranteed RAM, bandwidth, HD space, and CPU.

Every customer who buys a VPS hosting package receives the super-user-level access to the OS instance of their Virtual Private Server. This can be done as Windows VPS hosting options are designed to operate an isolated VPS possesses and to operate its own isolated OS instance. So any VPS user can install any software or application they want as long as it supports the operating system of the server. VPS hosting options are usually cheaper than dedicated hosting options that offer the exact same configurations. They have been developed for those who are looking for better flexibility and control over their hosting option than shared hosting options can provide but are not yet ready for or does not have the ability to afford a dedicated hosting option. VPS hosting options come with a guaranteed amount of resources, a fully-featured web control panel such as cPanel or WebsitePanel, and most importantly with a guaranteed uptime and exclusive technical support package.

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