Why Should You Choose Windows VPS Hosting?

Why Should You Choose Windows VPS Hosting?

Jan 11. 2013

When you make a decision to make an online presence for your business, one thing you will have to make your mind up is what type of hosting you would use. In case if you choose to buy VPS hosting for your web presence, the next big question will be whether to buy Windows VPS hosting or to buy VPS hosting with Linux OS. Despite the fact that both of these virtual server environments include their own advantages and disadvantages, in this post, we will be presenting the benefits of buying Windows VPS servers over Linux VPS servers.

Advantages of Buying Windows VPS hosting:

A Windows VPS hosting option is capable of supporting all the other technologies developed by Microsoft, like .NET, in addition to supporting various databases, which includes many versions of SQL SERVER.
Windows VPS servers work great together with MySQL database and PHP Scripts while Linux VPS servers are only capable of supporting PHP. Windows virtual hosting options are capable of supporting bigger databases, which makes it ideal for online businesses that has to handle huge e-commerce websites. Windows Virtual Private Servers work perfectly with many control panels, which includes DotNetPanel, Helm, and WebsitePanel. With the control panels offered with Windows VPS options it is easy to customize and administrate the server for the customer. buying Windows VPS HostingA Windows VPS option can provide an outstanding level of availability, functionality, security and flexibility for an online business. Less complex – Windows VPS packages are powered by Windows server 2008 or 2003, which offer superior server management features for any VPS hosting option. As Microsoft NT provides back-to-back server administration, things are less complicated with Windows VPS hosting. In addition, Remote Desktop Connection makes things really easy.

In addition to all the above, the main benefit of choosing Windows VPS is the compatibility with many other applications & software by Microsoft. This makes it a very attractive hosting option for webmasters that develop interactive websites.
A lot of newbie webmasters and online businessmen who are on the look for a hosting option that offers high level of availability, security, functionality and flexibility tend to buy Windows VPS hosting packages over hosting powered by Linux because of these benefits. Nevertheless, it important to make sure that your VPS hosting provider would provide all the services and features that are mentioned in the SLA agreement. For any webmaster who is trying to choose a webhosting option, which is both, deliver a high level of security and performance and also affordable, a Windows VPS hosting option can easily fulfill your needs and deliver the expected results.

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