Windows VPS Game Servers

Windows VPS Game Servers

Jan 14. 2013

First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) are always on the top of the list of main attractions of any hardcore gamer on earth. The there are 2 words - latency and lag - which we always here when talking about MMORPG and FPS games. Latency and lag is capable of making your game playing experience range from totally flawless to completely unplayable. The trend of online gaming seems to be increasing on a sharp curve in the last few years. And the graphical interfaces of the games are becoming exceptionally realistic as the disparity between winning or losing for a player or a group becoming dependent on the outcome of an action taken within milliseconds or sometimes even with a single mouse click or a key stroke that was delayed.

Even though it is probable to make use of your local machine for hosting a game server, you would have to keep upgrading your PC very often, to take pleasure in the utmost performance throughout a gaming session. Still, you may not be capable of getting the best experience of some new and advance online games; especially MMORPG. So buying a VPS server can be seen as the best option for any gamer who wants to enjoy a flawless game play.

Windows VPS servers vs. Dedicated Servers

At first, before the invention of VPS hosting, the only way to host an online game was to through dedicated hosting. Since dedicated hosting is very costly, only the extremely wealthy gamers and large corporations had the ability to get the service of one. And the other gamers, who did not possess sufficient funds to buy dedicated hosting, had to simply live with the online gaming experience that they could obtain via using a local machine for hosting the game, which was obviously not very grand.

Nevertheless, things began to change once the VPS hosting entered the hosting scene. With Windows VPS, powered by Hyper-V technology, gamers could buy VPS hosting packages that shared the assets of single physical server, and have no effect on their performance as a result of an act by any other VPS user. On top of all that, it was cheaper to buy VPS hosting compared with the prices of dedicated hosting. So many gamers were able to afford VPS hosting as a game server.

Most popular Online Games

Today, we can see thousands of games that could be hosted online and be played on the multiplayer mode. Nonetheless, Counter Strike is still a very popular game that’s been around almost since the start of hosting online games. Some of the other FPS and MMORPG game franchises that most of the gamers love are, Battlefield, Call of Duty (COD) - World at War, Black Ops, and Crysis.

Windows VPS for Game Hosting

Among the reasons that have made VPS hosting popular amongst gamers are being highly cost-effective and being very easy to configure and manage them as game servers. Since Windows VPS servers are powered by Hyper-V virtualization technology, the security level of VPS servers are also very high.

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