Buying VPS Hosting: How Much RAM, Bandwidth and HDD Capacity Do You Need

Buying VPS Hosting: How Much RAM, Bandwidth and HDD Capacity Do You Need

Jan 23. 2013

Creating and maintaining a business website could be costly sometimes. Even so, for any type of business, there are a lot of benefits to maintaining a presence on the Internet. It is capable of helping to promote any business and at the same time can also help a business in the area of customer support. Nevertheless, in order to make the most of these special benefits the website should be stable, and should not go offline repeatedly. To achieve that you must be mindful of a number of factors. One of those main factors is the sort of webhosting option you select, plus the resources it offer.

Even though it is the most low-priced hosting option in the market, shared hosting is not the most excellent hosting choice for an online business website. What are added into the bargain are various problems with server stability, and a number of safety concerns. Then again, dedicated hosting options are usually very highly priced. It is right that a dedicated hosting option has the ability to offer you to be in command of your web server, an also deliver a higher level of stability and security, yet managing a dedicated hosting option is generally a very expensive task. Therefore the best choice for small to medium sized businesses is to buy Windows VPS hosting, which has the ability to provide you with the almost same level of protection and administrative controls over the server, and do it under a cheaper price tag.

Nonetheless, there are still few factors that you have to consider prior to buying VPS hosting from a particular hosting provider. You must always inquire about the quantity of hard disk space, bandwidth and specially the RAM of the Windows VPS hosting account you are going to buy.

Hard Disk Space

This is one of the most important factors that you should check when you buy a VPS hosting account. In case if your business website includes big files, or else needs the support of a lot of background apps, you will need a bigger quantity of hard disk space.


The bandwidth factor straightly connects with the number of visitors who visits your website. In case if the business websites that get lots of traffic on a daily basis, require more bandwidth.


RAM memory can be described as the most important factor of determining the loading time of a website. If a website has many graphics, dynamic content or operates many heavy apps, you must buy VPS hosting that offers a high amount of RAM memory.
In addition to the above mentioned factors, an entrepreneur must also verify with the VPS hosting service provider regarding the expandability and flexibility of the VPS hosting options they offer.

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