How to Protect A Windows VPS from Hackers

How to Protect A Windows VPS from Hackers

Jan 18. 2013

In recent times we have noticed that the number of Windows VPSs and the websites running on those VPSs getting hacked or infiltrate is increasing significantly. There are many webmasters and businesses that are really frustrated due to their websites getting damaged. In addition some of them had experienced a noticeable loss of search engine rankings while others had their important data stolen from them, by the hackers.

VPS Hosting Service Provider

If you ever decide to buy VPS server hosting, always remember to buy VPS through a well experienced hosting company. They generally take the maximum measures to defend their VPSs, which would also provide some protection your websites to an extent. Nevertheless, a key thing that you must recognize is that you will be the one that’s accountable for the safety of your VPS and the website. It is the same as if you purchase the best and the strongest safe on earth. Regardless of how strong the safe is, it is always your duty to make sure its door is locked properly.

It is really crucial that the admin of the Hyper-V VPS constantly stay on top of what’s happening within the IT world. On the other hand, while it’s nearly impractical to 100% hack proof any IT system, best thing to do is taking precautions and making it really hard for any hacker to gain access to your VPS account.

So below are some of basic guidelines on protecting your VPS server and the websites from being hacked.

Simple VPS Security guidelines

Keeping all the Applications Updated
VPS Hosting Service ProviderIf you are using an old version of an app or software on your virtual server hosting platform, there is a huge possibility of it being vulnerable. Make sure to constantly update your software and apps to the most recent version. Usually, most of the updates to any software or app are security related upgrades. So using an outdated software or app could indicate that you’re having a few safety loopholes on the system.

Using a Tough Password
Regardless of how many times this thing is said, it is astonishing how a lot of people who buy VPS hosting still tend to use the name of their pet for the password. You have to make certain that all of your passwords are different from each other, contain no less than 8 characters, as well as using a mishmash of numbers and letters.

3rd Party Code and Scripts
Plugins, widgets, and every other code (such as free templates and themes) that you are installing on your VPS are normally developed by some other “unknown” person or a group. So always do a little research and become certain that they are secure prior to installing them on your server.

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