How do I add another web site on IIS?

1. To start Internet Information Services, select Administrative Tools, select Internet Information Services

2. Right click on 'Web Sites' and select 'New', then 'Web Site'.

3. Key in a name for the web site.

4. Decide which IP will be used and the port setting.

5. Enter the path to the 'Home Directory', this is the root of your web site content.

6. Set Access Permissions.

7. Select Finished. Your new website is created.


The trick to shared hosting in IIS on a single IP is to differentiate the traffic using Host Header Values.  Once you've followed the instructions below and created many different web sites on the same IIS server, you'll notice they all live at the same port (80) on the same IP!  It's the Host Header Value that makes all the difference; IIS knows where to direct the traffic based on that value.

Internet Information Services 6 (IIS6)

Website Properties -> Web Site tab -> Advanced... button.

Internet Information Services 7 (IIS7)

Website -> Edit Bindings...

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