Windows VPS, Windows Server 2012 & Dynamic Access Control (DAC)

Windows VPS, Windows Server 2012 & Dynamic Access Control (DAC)

The Dynamic Access Control (DAC) is a new security feature that comes with Windows Server 2012, which allows server administrators and network security professionals build a much more centralized security model for accessing files and directories on the network.

Dynamic Access Control can be seen as one of the most robust new tools that comes together with Windows Server 2012. The server administrators and the security professionals who work with Microsoft windows based networks will be able to take advantage of this tool, regardless of whether it is a traditional datacenter or a public and or private cloud. With this tool, the security can be taken closer to the data that it intends to protect.


It is not a secret that automating security is the best way to eliminate the human error factor, which may result in unexpected security breaches. The Dynamic Access Control tool can be used to automate the process of tagging sensitive data. What’s better is that it allows a combination of automated and manual tagging, plus an application based tagging option for sensitive data.

For many organizations that are trying to keep their sensitive data confidential, this kind of “file level” protection method will become an important component in their overall security strategies. The Dynamic Access Control will add an extra layer of protection to the sensitive data, while making life easy for server administrators by making it much easier to shut down the loopholes in the security and understand who has access to what. In addition, it will also make it easy to perform modifications wherever necessary.


As most of the Windows VPS service providers are getting ready to upgrade their datacenters to Windows Server 2012, the Dynamic Access Control will become one of the key factors when you are on the look to buy VPS hosting in the future. Especially when you are comparing Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting to buy VPS hosting, the Dynamic Access Control will be one of the main deciding factors.