What is Windows VPS hosting?

What is Windows VPS hosting?

Quality and affordable Windows VPS hosting

Windows VPS hosting (Virtual Private Servers) are becoming increasingly popular among business owners looking for the security and the reliability of a dedicated server to host their websites, but at a lower cost. However, dedicated server, which allows for a single user to be in complete control of their software applications and server management on their own dedicated piece of hardware, can be very costly and difficult to maintain. 

windows-vps-hostingWindows 2008 Virtual Machines are powered by Microsoft's Hyper-V technology are ideal for test and development environments, windows vps hosting ASP.NET 3.x websites, SQL Server 2008 databases, Hosted Desktop Virtualization, Server Consolidation & other Windows applications hosting.

Hyper-V Windows VPS Hosting features:

  • Windows Server 2008 virtual machine.
  • Complete Operating System isolation.
  • Guaranteed Resource levels like RAM and storage space for your usage.
  • Full Administrative level access via Remote Desktop.
  • Private IP Addresses


Windows VPS hosting  may be easier to manage for some since you are usually provided with direct access to the server that you have purchased via Remote Desktop; this will allow you to manage every aspect of your Windows server from the Windows GUI. Security for windows vps is provided through the Windows Firewall component which now comes as standard with all the latest versions of the Windows operating system; by using the Windows firewall you will be able to configure your Windows VPS server.

 Main benefits of using Windows VPS hosting include:

  • Support for classic ASP and ASP.NET – classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages and scripts are only supported by Windows web hosting services due to the fact that they are Microsoft technologies 
  • Microsoft database systems – a Windows vps hosting service will also be able to provide you with support for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases which will benefit you if you use either database application in any medium
  • Dedicated web hosting environment - a Windows VPS hosting will be able to provide you with your own dedicated Windows vps hosting environment that you will be able to manage as per your wishes – this will allow you to install any Windows applications of your choice that you see as being of benefit to you or any web applications that you may wish to deploy