What is VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

What is VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

What need to know about VPS?

Virtual private server (VPS) is the method of dividing or splitting a physical server so that it serves multiple websites. In this case one computer can have several of these Servers, each one with its own Operating system (OP) that runs the hosting software for a particular user. Each of this server can run its own operating system and can be rebooted on its own. Most times it serves as a dedicated server to the user because it gives independence on shared servers.


virtual-private-serverWhen installed, it runs a program that boots each virtual server within a virtualization environment. The hosting software for each this server may include a file transfer protocol program (FTPP), a mail server and some specialized applications for some activities such as blogging.  It has covered the gap between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting services but at a cheaper cost. Due to the increased number of users, dedicated server has a limited processor time, RAM and disk space. The ability of a single subscriber to maintain multiple virtual servers is also a useful advantage and aspect of virtual private server. Most upcoming companies, offer this service as an additional web hosting service while some companies even call it a dedicated server.  It also serves as an alternative server for small businesses or companies that need a modified website server but cannot afford a dedicated server.  It is obviously cheaper and gives maximum satisfaction.   

Now that you know what it is, what is it good for?

vps-serverMost vps web hosting companies can host multiple servers on one physical or host server by using virtual private server.  In the web community, this server is fast becoming a versatile tool and also exists in the windows world. The actions also possible with this system include file storage and back up. Unlike a normal web hosting, the server allows you to actually control your own vps server where you have access to install and run almost anything you want on it. It is mostly used by companies that run complex applications and of all benefits that can be obtained from using this server it has also given additional choices to the hosting seeker. It’s reliable and secure. It feels, looks and acts like a dedicated server but shares the same hardware. Using this server also allows you the ability to have more resources allocated to your to your websites for those that are resource intensive.  The availability of this server has being the best bet so far for the public.