Why Do People Buy VPS Servers?

Why Do People Buy VPS Servers?

When you have used shared hosting for some time and recognize that it can no longer fulfill your requirements, you will start looking for other hosting options you have. This could happen due to the latest security breach in your shared hosting account, the last downtime that held more than 4 hours and probably made you lose hundreds of dollars, or the simple fact of it not being able to handle the traffic your website is getting as it gains popularity. Whatever the reason, one thing you might think when looking for other means of hosting is, “why are they expensive than shared hosting?” Well, the simple answer is, “because they are better!”

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The next best option for anyone who is moving forward from shared hosting is Windows VPS hosting. The reason for that is, because it can deliver the same level of security and control, and can do that at a lesser price. Even though the price of VPS hosting packages are significantly less than the price of dedicated hosting packages, when you are going to buy VPS hosting, you might notice that it is quite significantly expensive than shared hosting.

Why Do People Buy VPS ServersOne thing you should know is that although VPS hosting could be expensive than shared hosting, the end result of hosting your website on a windows VPS server is always more profitable for your website. Usually, when using shared hosting, you don’t have much control over your server. In addition, it is not very reliable either. In contrast, on a VPS hosting account you have the level of control you would have on a dedicated server. In other words, you own your virtual server, and you can do whatever you want with it. You can install or configure any 3rd party software you want, and uninstall them whenever you find them unnecessary.

You will also find that windows VPS servers are much reliable than shared servers. You will experience minimum downtime, enabling you to get the most out of your website.

Another reason why people buy VPS hosting is because it is much more secure than shared hosting. It can offer the level of security of a dedicated server, under a much lesser price tag.