VPS Hosting – How Does It Work?

VPS Hosting – How Does It Work?

The letters VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is a term used to refer to a virtual machine, that has enormous functionalities and benefits, which it can utilize in order to deliver a higher level of security and reliability in any form of web application. A VPS hosting solution can also support different OS instances with virtualization platforms plus it boosts flexibility in hosting any kind of web application. While employing the methods used in shared hosting, a VPS hosting solution utilizes the features of dedicated hosting to deliver a higher level of performance.

vps-serverVirtual Servers (aka Virtual Machines) are what the customers buy when they buy VPS hosting. The virtual machines are created by partitioning a dedicated server’s resources into multiple virtual machines. The resources of the physical server like RAM, HDD and bandwidth are shared between the virtual servers, but each VPS gets its own dedicated portion of the resources. And the windows VPS technology, Hyper-V virtualization, enables you to share the server expenses with other VPS users without any concerns about intruder attacks, server downtimes or low bandwidth.

How Does It Work?

As per the definition, a VPS hosting solution, distributes the server instances individually to each client who buy VPS hosting, and each client has the right to host any number of websites as he would like, on his / her assigned virtual server without the need of asking for the permission of others. A VPS hosting solution runs as an isolated process within a Web Server, and provides root access in a complete privacy along with the capability for guaranteed CPU, bandwidth, hard disk space, and RAM.

vps-hostingAny client who purchases a VPS hosting solution gets superuser-level access to their operating system instance when they buy VPS hosting. This is possible because VPS hosting solutions are designed in a way that each VPS possesses and runs on its own copy of OS instance. This also enables the users to install almost any application or software that works on the operating system. A VPS hosting solution is always cheaper than a dedicated hosting solution with the same configurations. They are designed for the webmasters who are seeking for far better control than a shared hosting solution can offer but still not ready or cannot afford dedicated hosting. A VPS hosting solution comes with guaranteed resources, guaranteed uptime, a full-featured control panel like WebsitePanel, and most of the time also with complete web hosting technical support.