Install Windows Server 2012 on VMWare Workstation

Install Windows Server 2012 on VMWare Workstation

Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server 8) is the latest version of Windows Server, replaced with Windows Server 2008 R2. Windows Server 2012 has some great features. It uses a Metro UI and has more than 2300 commandlets in Windows PowerShell. Windows Server 2012 can switch between Server Core and the GUI installation options. 


Let’s start installing Windows Server 2012 on VMWare Workstation 8

Download VMware Workstation 8 here


Select Custom on the main window New Virtual Machine and click Next



Select Workstation 8.0 from the dropdown list – Hardware 



You can skip this step but make sure to disconnect the floppy, otherwise you may get errors in the future. 

Click Next



Click on Yes and continue



In this step you need to allocate some Memory for your Virtual Machine. Allocate at least 2GB ore more if you have more RAM.



Here you can select the Network Type you prefer. We will use Bridged Network for the moment.



You get three types of SCSI Controllers, select LSI Logic SAS (recommended)



You can create a new Virtual Disk or can use an existing / physical disk.

We are going to create a new Virtual Disk.



Select the recommended Disk Type – SCSI and click Next



You may need to allocate a space for your disk. It should not be less than 7.60GB.

Select Split Virtual disk into multiple files and click Next 



Specify the location for your Disk.



Select Power on this virtual machine after creation

Click on Customize Hardware.

Your processor should support to assign other values. If you are not sure keep the default Processors. 

To run Hyper-V role, enable Virtualization Intel VT-x/EPT Under Virtualization Engine 






If your Floppy is not disconnected yet, do it in this step. If not, your installation will not be success. 



Now you can see your Virtual Machine details.

Click Ok.



As soon as your VM is on, select Install now and precede the installation. 



In this step you can see two types of Servers (GUI and Server Core Installation). Select GUI and click Next



Accept the License terms and conditions and click Next



Time to have a break, till the installation process completed.

Your computer will restart several times during this process.



Provide an Administration Password and click Finish



Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to sign in



Add your Administration password and press enter 



You will get a pop-up window (Server Manager) which leads you to ready with Windows Server 2012.

You are almost done.