Backup Software Options for Microsoft Hyper-V

Backup Software Options for Microsoft Hyper-V

Making backups of virtual machines and virtual servers is never an easy task. However, there are many tools in today’s market that could help an IT administrator to protect his virtual infrastructures. As there are so many backup options in the market, it could be hard for an admin to choose a tool, which would actually meet his needs, and also do it at a fair price.

However, as there are many backup solution vendors, they always try to drives down the prices of their products, while adding new usability features. So any IT administrator can find a decent Hyper-V backup solution under a low price tag, with some vendors also offering free versions of their products. And majority of the Hyper-V backup solution vendors offer a free trial period for the clients to check their products. Anyhow, below are some of the best backup solutions for virtual servers or virtual machines, and their features. Compare the features offered by each product and choose the best option for your organization.

Cloud Backup by 5nine Software

Cloud Backup from 5nine Software

The Cloud Backup for Hyper-V by 5nine Software developed with hosting companies and service providers in mind, and it is completely scriptable with PowerShell. The Cloud Backup from 5nine Software works at the Hyper-V host level of the VMs (virtual machines). With it you are able to restore complete virtual machines at the image level, which is identical to bare-metal restores. The commercial version of the application is priced at $99 per host. There is also a free version, which doesn’t offer the API (application programming interface).

Hyper-V-aware backup by Altaro Software

Hyper-V-aware backup from Altaro Software

Hyper-V aware Backup by Altaro Software offers many advanced features like:

  • Scheduled backups for the CSV (cluster shared volumes)
  • Reduplication enabled backups with reverse delta
  • Backup scheduling flexibility
  • Boot VMs directly through backups (InstantBoot)
  • Live backup for Hyper-V Linux VMs

While there is a free version that can be used to backup two virtual machines, the commercial version is priced at $345 per host.

Fast Backup from Hyperoo

Fast Backup as a Service from Hyperoo

The Hyper-V backup option by Hyperoo is not a product which makes local backups. Hyperoo will take a scheduled snapshot of the operating Windows Hyper-V virtual machines, encrypt the information, and then transfer the changes to the Hyperoo cloud. Hyperoo is really fast. It can make a backup of a 100 GB virtual machine in a matter of minutes. And you can use the Hyperoo Restore Client in order to restore the data. With Hyperoo you have to you pay per virtual machine, and the price ranges from $79 to $65, depending on the number of license youpurchase.

The free built-in Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V backup tool

The free built-in Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V backup tool

This is the backup tool offered for free by Microsoft to backup Windows Server Hyper-V VMs. Although it is free (as it comes together with license for Windows Server), it features very limited options.