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A New Backup and Recovery Option for Windows Server 2012 from Unitrends

October 23rd, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Internet, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization, Windows Server

Unitrends, the all-in-one backup appliance for virtual, physical and cloud, and the leader in enterprise-level data protection, has revealed its support for Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012. Earlier this year, Unitrends released Unitrends Enterprise Backup™, the popular software-only version of its flagship recovery collection of physical appliances. According to Unitrends, at the moment, it is the only all-in-one Hyper-V 2012 Server and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V for backup, recovery appliance in the market.


Unitrends is a company well-known for its long term Microsoft partnership. So it is known to invest heavily on engineering expertise in order to test and then validate the newest upcoming Microsoft software versions on its infrastructure.

Maria Pressley, a spokesperson at Unitrends, stated that as Microsoft decided to offer a free version of its Hyper-V Server 2012, their company also came up with a free and fully functioning version of its enterprise level backup software, which can be used to protect up to4 Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. Apart from the free edition, the backup software also has an enterprise edition.

The collection of Unitrends’ all-in-one appliances, which are scalable as well, and the other software solutions developed for backing up, archiving, disaster recovery and instant recovery, can be used to protect more than 100 different versions of operating systems, servers, storage area network, hypervisors, network-attached storage and applications.

The collection of Unitrends’ all-in-one appliances, which are scalable as well, and the other software solutions developed for backing up, archiving, disaster recovery and instant recovery, can be used to protect more than 100 different versions of operating systems, servers, storage area network, hypervisors, network-attached storage and applications.

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Windows Server 2012 will be Available in Stores in September

July 16th, 2012    Posted in cloud hosting, Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Satya Nadella, the Server and Tools Business Vice President of Microsoft Inc., announced that Windows Server 2012 is going to be released to the public one month earlier than Windows 8. She made the statement at the Worldwide Partner Conference which took place in Toronto on last Tuesday. Microsoft sees the release as a small part of a broader effort to pull consumers away from its opponents and to the Windows Azure platform.


While the Operating System will be generally available in September, The server platform will launch for production in August.

Nadella also announced about the in house program that they are carrying as part of this effort, which will assist their partners with the migration of their cloud infrastructures to Azure from VMware. As Microsoft is investing a lot of money in the cloud, this can be seen as an obvious move to start chipping away at the control of its larger competitors.

Windows Server 2012 would not include a lot of new features to help consumers to take hold of the cloud. However, it will have several enhancements to the last release of the server platform, which was released 4 years ago.

One of the main enhancements to Windows Server 2012 is the inclusion of multi-tenant configurations in Hyper-V. Hyper-V technology is the window’s approach to hypervisors. Other enhancements include a new file system named ReFS (Resilient File System) and improvements to access controls.

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Introduction of Hyper visualization technology in Windows 8 with multiple robotic features

September 30th, 2011    Posted in Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Infrastructure of Microsoft Hyper visualization technology is differentiating from the options available in VMware tool. Microsoft has given different automated features in Hyper visualization tool as compared to Microsoft tools available for the intenders. Automation from different aspect is an added feature of hyper visualization tool for the users. Availability of SCVMM is very helpful in accomplishment of different in error free manners. Technology comes with simpler cmdlets which is only workable on server computers. Users can be able to take the facilitation from the use of automated commands available in PowerShell management library and users can be able to take the facilitation free of cost from the use of freeware software.

Automated performance of different options with the help of PowerShell

Use of window task scheduler is helpful in scheduling of automated tasks available with the use of hyper visualization. Users have just the requirement to enter the task in the scheduler and you are in a position to know the automated task status during the use of Hyper-V. Through the use of option, you are easily able to manage the status of error during execution of different programs. It is good technique to convert the physical machines to VMs and it is very helpful in finding the most effective host for accomplishment of your tasks.

Use of Hyper visualization tool is very helpful in accomplishment of different task as people are better in a position to manage their resources in right direction. Use of self service portal introduced by Microsoft Company is very helpful in management of resources through tracking technique and ultimately managed utilization of resources is possible. Hyper visualization tool is performing the multiple functions for the users which were previously performing the administrators’ with the use of other software.

Is the use of hyper visualization tools effective for accomplishment of different tasks?

It is an important question that the use of automated tool available with hyper V tool effective for smooth accomplishment of different tasks.  Technology is very helpful in accomplishment of different tasks but it has only one limitation that the availability of required ability to implement the technology. With the use of this new futuristic tool, users are only able to manage their resources in well manners as they have the option to restrict the occurrence of different errors on prompt basis. Availability of hyper V tool in window 8 make it easy for the people to complete their task more accurately by taking facilitation from the use of automated.     

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The Windows 8 Hyper-V

September 12th, 2011    Posted in Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V virtualization tool has been made accessible with windows latest version i.e. windows 8. It is a fascinating operating system for developers, IT pros, and other users who want to run, test, or support virtual environments. Previously it has been observed by the manager of the Hyper-V team named Mathew, that it was available with latest sever-based versions of windows but now for the first time Windows 8 has been launched as a client operating system which includes this virtualization features. But the question is how we can use this tool for our benefit.

With the help of these virtualization tools which offers various facilities such as running multiple OS and environments that too on the same machine, popularly used when people need to support and set up virtualized computers. It is very much important for the developers that they can easily switch from one environment to others that too without bearing an additional hardware costs. In order to run this latest version of operating system i.e. windows 8 Hyper-V, the users of the same would require 64-bit processor but it should be the bit version of windows 8 and in addition to that it must have RAM of at least 4 GB. It demands a bit system which must have SLAT i.e. Second Level Address Translation which helps you in managing memory.

In the current generation of 64-bit processor, SLAT is a feature which is available on almost every computer. Virtual PC is a tool which was offered by Windows 7 as its own virtualization tool. It was combined with window XP mode which allows the users to set up and run the applications of XP which was not compatible in case of Windows 7.

A robust virtualization tool has been designed called Hyper-V which provides you several benefits such as supporting non operating OS which is not possible when compared with windows virtual PC. We know that a virtualized environment requires allocating memory which is made possible with the release of latest version of OS. Multiple snapshots of virtual machines are allowed so that it might help the users to return to its previous virtual environment. This article would help you to know about windows 8 Hyper-V including its virtualization tool.

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