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Windows Server 2012, receives the first patches

November 16th, 2012    Posted in Internet, web server news, Windows Server

Two of the Patch Tuesday’s passed without any mentions about the Windows Server 2012, and Microsoft has decided end that trend in November.

Microsoft released 3 critical bulletins in this week, according to the part of the monthly updates on Patch Tuesday, promises patches for Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server 2012, receives the first patches

The Bulletin MS-075 will fix 3 vulnerabilities within the kernel-mode drivers of Windows, which might also direct to the remote code executions. The patches will deal with the issues regarding the documents, which are embedded in a malevolent TrueType font that enables an attacker to take control of the system. And the patches will also address the security issues in Windows 8.

The security expert say that it is not a surprise that patches like MS-075 are designed to address the vulnerabilities in both Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

In addition, the MS Office suite also received an important update.

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CommonSpot Cloud Launched

July 30th, 2011    Posted in web hosting

A secure web platform which provides a strong content management solution is called CommonSpot. Some of the advantageous aspects are Web 2.0 and social media apps, suite of marketing solutions, and an open-source application development framework. This development framework permits different organization to create high-level web experience. Being a marketing suite, it allows various organizations to increase their site traffic, brand loyalty, and conversion rates. For achieving amazing results, CommonSpot can also act as a web foundation which place power of authority into the hands of marketer. It helps its users to publish Web content via any delivery channel such as video, media, streaming media etc.

The IT sector has been given an ability to create and deploy tailored functionality which is almost 50% faster in comparison to usual mode. CommonSpot CloudTM has been released by the leading provider of web content management system i.e. PaperThin Inc. Todd Peter is the founder and the president of the leading organization called PaperThin. Its product connects people and brands through the Web. This product is a SaaS version of its award-winning management system. It also helps the marketers to combine their creativity with its powerful web content so that they can achieve their target without encountering a bottleneck.

At four basic price levels, PaperThin is a powerful platform which is available on Amazon elastic compute cloud. Express, professional, standard and enterprise are the four price levels. In order to customize the customer’s specific needs, it can easily be used. Web operating costs, administrative burdens gets lowered with the usage of CommonSpot cloud and in addition frees up IT resources.

The need of your organization can be easily met irrespective of its budget, size, platform or resources. The cold fusion- based solution will help you to round out all the available choices provided by the company. It provides some of the primary benefits such as high impact results, multi-channel optimization and fast time to market. With these benefits, new business can be strengthened with respect to brand presence by making it SEO enabled and interactive.


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