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Security Support for VMware Environments

September 12th, 2011    Posted in virtualization

In order to strengthen the partnership with VMware, the most renowned company called Sophos has announced increasing support for VMware vShield Endpoint. Sophos is well known for its data protection and IT security due to which it has gained a global recognition. This company has made VMware vShield Endpoint prototype as the part of its strategy of providing wider virtualization security solution.

This organization has struck a balance between virtualization and security as a result of which it has achieved maximum performance and at the same time managed to provide necessary protection against malware. On each virtual machine, the issue of physical footprint has been minimized with the effective endpoint security solution provided by Sophos. This can only be done by utilizing the ability to stagger scans and VMware memory sharing. It promises to deliver support for vShield 5 in its next release of security suite. But currently with the help of VMware vShield endpoint it allows to offload the anti-virus scanning to a dedicated scanner from the virtual machines.

They ensure their customers that when they will continue their journey with their virtualization and cloud computing system for upcoming years also then they can themselves experience the change rather the improvement in the security model provided by them which has been particularly designed to overcome the challenges associated with these dynamic environments.

This collaboration among two renowned organizations would be beneficial for their customers in a manner that now they will be protected against growing number of complex security threat so that it might not hamper your virtual and cloud environments. They have come up with this innovative idea because they understand that what challenge a company needs to face in protecting themselves against malware so that they might not come across data loss.

This does not event affect the performance level nor does it minimizes the cost benefits of virtualization. They always make sure that their customers must not face any negative impact of their inventions with respect to their work or cost savings as a result they offers you with broadest platform support covering physical and virtual environments. Their partnership would now allow the users to support the security of VMware environment. Therefore, we can say it help us to optimize the performance of virtual environment.

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