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Up to 50% Performance enhancement for Hyper-V with V-locity 4

December 11th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Condusiv Technologies, the software company based in Burbank, California, which offers high-performance software that optimizes virtual machines, enhances server performance, instantly restores lost files and increases the speed of slow PCs, has released the new edition of V-locity, V-locity 4.

Up to 50 percent Performance enhancement for Hyper-V with V-locity 4

The latest edition of the VM acceleration software, V-locity 4, optimizes writes and reads, which enables rapid applications and much more VMs (Virtual Machines) on one physical server, and do it without needing to add any extra storage hardware.

V-locity 4 can increase the performance of the VMs up to 50 percent without having to put up with the cost having to add additional or new storage hardware.

V-locity 4 also hugely improves the competence and efficiency of a Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtual platform by eliminating the application bottlenecks transparently and proactively at its source.

The benefits of using V-locity 4, which comes at a fraction of the cost:

  • Increase the VM density per each physical server  - up to 50 percent
  • Increase application and VM performance – up to 50 percent
  • Improve latency on active data – up to 50 percent
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Server virtualization vendors are trying to push the application defined data center

November 19th, 2012    Posted in virtualization, Virtualized Data Centers, web server news

It seems that, as gaps in features are closing between the rivals in the server virtualization industry, the vendors are looking to pull apart of the server infrastructure and go beyond server memory and CPU in their control. And the IT community seems to use the “wait and see” technique about how this will all come together.

Server virtualization vendors are trying to push the application defined data center

The VMware Inc., a global leader in cloud infrastructure, who delivers customer-proven virtualization solutions, has started to use the term “land-grab” to refer to this infrastructure of data centers where the software or the applications will be defining the data center. This concept took the center stage at the last VMworld conference by VMware in San Francisco.

According to the VMware executives who delivered the keynote speeches at VMworld conference, in a data center infrastructure which is software defined, “all of the infrastructure will be virtualized and will be delivered like a service, while the automation will be completely controlled by the software”.

Microsoft, which uses the Hyper-V virtualization technology, is also going to introduce its very own protocol to be used for network virtualization. The protocol is dubbed NVGRE (Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation), which, similar to VXLAN by VMware, could be used in order to overcome the limitations in VLAN scalability.

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Windows Server 2008 trying to catch up with Linux

November 15th, 2012    Posted in Internet, Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows Server

Windows Server 2008 can never become Linux. And it is not likely that Windows could persuade the loyal users of Linux away from the open source OS anytime soon.

Windows Server 2008 trying to catch up with Linux

However, the Server Core and PowerShell, 2 of the most “talked about” features in Windows Server 2008, have solved the long-lamenting shortcomings of Windows in a Linux-like fashion. And this is expected to ease the concerns of restless Unix administrators to migrate to Linux, stated Al Gillen, analyst of IDC (International Data Corporation).

He also stated that as Microsoft keeps working on erasing the objections (by adding features like Server Core and PowerShell), the harder it would become for the admins in the “Unixland” to claim that Microsoft’s Windows Server does not meet their requirements.

The Windows Server 2008 offers a list of improvements that makes it a much better and much more competitive product in the market, but the above 2 features are specifically introduced to fill the gaps between the functionality of Unix or Linux and Windows.

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Survey Shows That a Virtualized Data Centers are Gaining Popularity

October 25th, 2012    Posted in virtualization, Virtualized Data Centers

According to a recent report released by Aberdeen Group Inc, a provider of fact-based business intelligence research founded in 1988, the industry of Server Virtualization has passed a significant milestone in this year (2012). According to the latest report released by the leading market research firm shows that 50% of the applications are currently running on virtual environments.

Aberdeen Group Inc

According to the senior research analyst of Aberdeen Group Inc, Dick Csaplar, most of the enterprises are now feeling quite comfortable with the idea of switching to virtualized servers.

Virtualized Data CentersWith the use of virtualization, enterprises can run multiple applications on a single server. This increases the system utilization. Usual utilization target of a company is around 80%. Every organization likes to keep some room in case of an emergency. With virtualization techniques, most companies are able to raise their system utilization from around 10% – 15% range to 50% – 75% range.

Another reason why companies are moving towards virtualization is, as it increases the server efficiency, they can get by with less hardware. According to the research by Aberdeen Group Inc, companies can gain up to 15-fold reduction by switching to virtualization. So switching to virtualization ultimately affects the net profit of the company in a very positive way.

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Virtual private server reduces carbon footprint

August 9th, 2011    Posted in vps hosting

Carbon footprint can be improved with the help of virtual private server. VPS not only help the businesses to reduce their costs but also allow them to get hold of virtualization tool so that it can significantly improve the efficiency of the consumption energy as well as reduce their impact on our environment. In order to maximize the productivity of the employees of the company, VPS plays an important role as a result of which electricity costs can be kept under firm control. Recently, a prediction was made on the basis of the observation of IT analyst Ovum that there might be an increased uptake in virtual private server. It is said that as and when more companies will recognize the benefits of VPS, the process of converting sizeable minority of servers into a virtual machines will continue.

The literal meaning of the word virtualization is converting the physical server into a virtual server. There might be question in everyone’s mind that why they should go for virtualization? The reason is that companies can reduce their overhead costs not only with respect to only hardware expenditure but also operating costs. It also provides security and protection to our important data. Your information is backed up with the help of virtualized server and it can be retrieved with a retrieval request. As a result it permits minimal downtime and expenditure.


When your server gets virtualized as a preventive measure, then it can ensure reduction of your businesses ‘Carbon Footprint’ on the environment. With the help of virtualization you can achieve various objectives such as Cost and time effective upgrade solutions, No unnecessary or costly changes to your current IT infrastructure, higher levels of performance and efficiency, reduced power consumption costs etc.

With help of virtual private server solution, energy consumption gets reduced as a result your company’s carbon footprint on the earth will get decrease. This solution is not only cost effective but also suitable to the dynamic needs of your business. You must think twice before taking any print out because every tree provides oxygen which is sufficient for three people to breathe. So we must work together for reducing carbon footprint as we know it comes in the form of paper products. You must use recycled paper, both the side should be printed etc. are some of the ideas which must be adopted to keep your environment green.

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