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Significance of Parallels Desktop 7.0

September 5th, 2011    Posted in web hosting

Parallel desktop 7.0 has been released with the addition of the best virtualization solution which can be well put into use for OS X. In order to make this newly released product run under lion, it has been designed with various unique features. With the modification in the end-user license agreement of the operating systems of desktop, the latest release has been given a new feature which enables to create virtual machines so that the client version of lion can run itself. For all users who want to run multiple configurations simultaneously, this is great for them. The example of multiple configurations can be developers, systems administrator, and, of course, journalists, reviewers etc.

The front end of parallels can be easily managed with the help lion compatibility. This can be explained with an instance like windows can be run in the new full-screen mode of the operating system so that the entire screen can be taken over effectively by the guest operating system. In order to run like the counterparts of the OS X, Windows applications are included in Mission Control and Launch pad. The parallel desktop comes with significant improvements i.e. their apps can simulate hardware that too up to 1GB of video memory so that higher resolutions can be easily handled.

This also allows 3D performance which is around 45 percent better than its predecessor.  It is 60 percent faster in making start, stop and resuming windows when compared with its previous versions. This new release enables the company to promote it as an improved version of its iOS app which is basically used for controlling virtual machines running on OS X or Windows. You can experience this new version of desktop at the price of $80. This latest version of parallel desktop requires OS X 10.7 Lion as criteria to operate. It can be easily upgraded by the existing customers directly from the products website for $50. Therefore, we can say that it has been improved with copy and paste support, audio, and other new features.

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