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OpenStack Folsom Released with Hyper-V Support and Network Automation

October 8th, 2012    Posted in cloud hosting, Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Virtualized Networking and Block Storage gets added to the cloud platform

OpenStack, the Open Source cloud computing platform is releasing the 6th version of their platform “Folsom”, with added software-defined networking features.

The people who are working in the project have stated that the new release in improved the stability and usability of the underlying code. According to them, the amount of contributors working on the project has also increased from 65%. The new Folsom release will also add 185 new features, and most of them will be in the area of virtual networking.


The brand new networking feature is code-named as Quantum. The feature will support Open vSwitch, standard Linux bridge networking, the Ryu open source network OS, NEC and Nicira through a new plug-in architecture. Because of this, the platform will be able to benefit from the SDN virtual networking.

In addition, the new Folsom release will also include updates to API quotas, IP address management, SNAT (Secure Network Address Translation), floating IPs and control Layer 2 networking.

The enhanced compute feature of the release is code named as Nova. The feature will help make it much easier for the operators to configure huge pools of VMs.

The executive director of OpenStack Foundation, Jonathan Bryce stated that the project is now moving at a faster rate than ever before.

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Microsoft Inc. is developing Hyper-V support for OpenStack

June 22nd, 2012    Posted in cloud hosting, Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V

It is reported that Microsoft is now trying to reintegrate support for Hyper-V (hypervisor technology for windows VPS hosting) back into OpenStack. It has been several months since the open source cloud-building project ditched support for the hypervisor in their most-recent version, and Microsoft Inc. has now employed a full-time worker to develop a community to operate on reintegrating and supporting Hyper-V in OpenStack.

The hyper-V, hypervisor support was originally included in the project but ended up being taken out from the software in its latest release in last April. During the time, the representatives of OpenStack stated that it was due to the lack of demand, they decided to remove it from the project. Shortly after Hyper-V was ditched out by OpenStack, Sandy Gupta, Microsoft Open Solutions group general manager published a blog article indicating that the firm will be trying to reintegrate support for Hyper-V back in OpenStack. The tech giant hasn’t been very secret about their hopes of supporting Hyper-V integration in OpenStack and has hired a previous employee in Novell’s Microsoft Integration Laboratory, named Peter Pouliot, to work on reintegrating support for Hyper-V back into OpenStack. He is working on being ready for the OpenStack’s upcoming software launch (Folsom), planned for this fall, to contain Hyper-V support.

However, Pouliot claims that he is not aware of when, or if, Microsoft might become an official sponsor for OpenStack.


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