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Concept of NxTop 4

September 5th, 2011    Posted in virtualization

The concept of NxTop 4 has been released by virtual computer. With the help of this new release, both the centralized and distributed storage options are offered with desktop virtualization solutions. This allows the customers of virtual computer to store all their data in the data center by combining the network-based storage with the client-side hypervisor which is being stateless. At the price of server-hosted VDI, you can experience the feature of high-fidelity in desktop.

Lenovo has launched the underpinnings of this technology in the year 2009 which has been extended by the virtual computer for delivering NxTop. This technology has offered the highest performance that too at a low cost platform of desktop virtualization. With the help of Lenovo customer factory install or the global channel partners of virtual computer, it has become possible to make it available immediately.

Two tiers are included in the technology of NxTop i.e. NxTop Client and NxTop Center. The former tier is a client hypervisor that too Xen-based whereas the later tier is the component of centralized management. In the workstation edition, you can easily avail the features of NxTop hypervisor with an additional solution of centralized management. This is a scaled down version of the platform by which you can extend your accessibility to a maximum of five managed computers.

The salient features can be summarized as under:-

When data is hosted on a storage array with the use of local execution, near-native performance is provided by the new deployment option on stateless end points for hot-desking.

For shared computers, it has the capabilities of advanced management i.e. the green computing capabilities which allow reducing your power costs for end-point devices and lower down the cost of cooling and data center power.

For running NXTop Management Servers, it provides VMware vSphere/ESXi and Citrix Xen Support.

It follows the policies of remote power management.

This acts as a large scale enterprise installer for mass rollout.

With the help of IntelĀ® vPro enabled processors, encryption of accelerated data gets optimized.

The NxTop 4 which is a new release and looks like a boon to the IT professionals. It remains to be tested and seen how far it actually helps end users.

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