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Release of Fuscan Linux Cloud 2.0

August 16th, 2011    Posted in cloud hosting

HostingCon 2011 was the world’s premier hosting conference during which a new version 2.0 of Fuscan Linux Cloud has been launched. It took place in San Diego, California between August 8 and August 10, 2011. A few significant changes have been announced in Fuscan version 2.0 in comparison to previous versions. GFS was used in the version 1.0 Fuscan but it has been replaced in version 2.0. Instead GlusterFS is being used currently as a mainstream file system.  GlusterFS is the software which has been licensed under GNU AGPL v3 license. The performance of Fuscan Linux Cloud can be improved with this software and add more flexibility to it. The development team of Fuscan Linux Cloud has replaced the RG Manager i.e. Red Hat resource manager with pacemaker as it has been considered to be more flexible and feature rich. With the help of pacemaker, users are allowed to configure specific scenarios so that services can run properly in a certain time frame.


Benefits of Fuscan Linux Cloud 2.0:-


  • It provides improved level of management interface.
  • On the license of fuscan Linux cloud, a discount of 50% is allowed by SingleOS.
  • It includes a new resource manager.
  • It provides software level redundancy, and hardware level redundancy.

Therefore we can conclude that Fuscan Linux Cloud can be easily scalable and it enables the hosting providers to create their own infrastructure of cloud. In a load-balanced cluster environment, cPanel/WHM Cloud hosting services is provided in order to cut operational costs and to optimize server management. A special feature of automation layer is also provided i.e. Fuscan EHA which is nothing but a high availability system for cPanel/WHM. In case providers of web hosting solution wants to enjoy the advantage of the discounted licenses then they are allowed to sign up from Order page at SingleOS Accounts. This is basically done to cut the list price of the Fuscan licenses. Today we can proudly say that the company which is behind the Cloud software automation solution is SingleOS and because of its creativity and innovations has always come up with new versions with dynamic improvements.

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