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XenServer 6.0 Beta Out Now

July 17th, 2011    Posted in web server news

XenServer 6.0 Beta is here for anyone looking for cross-platform management tools compatible with VMware vSphere and Microsoft System Center. This new release is primarily based on the the Xen 4.1 hypervisor. This new virtualization platform comes packed with powerful features and there is a very strong possibility that more would be added soon.

The XenServer 6.0 Beta Advantage:

  • A very simplistic infrastructure requirement
  • The default network stack is now the Open vSwitch (OVS)
  • This version offers Xendesktop enhancements and improvements like HDX enhancements, optimized virtual desktop user experience and GPU pass-through.
  • Increased host RAM support which is now 1 TB
  • Platform improvements and enhancements like “Rolling Pool Upgrade” wizard, NFS support for High availability, increased VM vCPU, vRAM levels and NIC bonding improvements.
  • The 6.0 release offers the flexibility of assigning a physical GPU to a virtual machine thus enabling applications running in the guest to leverage GPU instructions
  • The Self Service and Cloud Building Tools help users to create a private cloud self service environment.
  • The new release allows management of XenServers and VMs with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) which is slated for release in 2012.
  • Unlike the previous version this one allows Guest OS support for many more operating systems other than Ubuntu.
  • The new version has moved from the Windows-based “StorageLink Gateway” to “integrated StorageLink”. The greatest advantage is that site Recovery is no longer based on StorageLink.  This enables DR support for virtually any iSCSI or Hardware HBA storage repository scenario where the underlying array includes replication features.
  • An improved support for hardware-assisted (SR-IOV) network performance optimizations, particularly for use with the NetScaler VPX and SDX products.

This version of XenServer would be using Open vSwitch for distributed virtual networking as well as network interface card-bonding support and jumbo frames support. W e have seen significant improvements in the XenServer product line over the last few years but it still remains to be seen whether this new release actually proves to be better in all aspects.

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