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VPS Disk Space – Is “Enough” Really Enough??

June 29th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization, vps hosting

VPS disk space is quite cheap, and for this reason it is worth to ensure that you purchase a VPS hosting account with sufficient disk space that would allow you to develop your website. As you expand your site, particularly if it is a site which contains static or dynamic pages or downloads that persist or even rise in number or size, an adequate disk space in order to stock your customer or visitor data will be required and also to be able to allow your visitors to have a quick and easy access to all information and features available on your website.

This is particularly the case with Windows VPS solutions powered by Hyper-V virtualization technology. The highly stable and reliable platform, chosen by the majority of the Windows VPS hosting consumers who are relying totally on Microsoft solutions, needs a VPS hosting solution with a minimum of 8 GB disk space. In addition, Microsoft advises to purchase at least 20 GB disk space for Hyper-V.

However, Parallels, which publishes the Virtuozzo platform, claims that only 500 MB of VPS disk space is enough for virtualization purposes. What is dissimilar is that when Hyper-V is used, the total operating system is found on the virtual engine while Virtuozzo utilizes software in order to match and get access to the operating system (it is compatible with either Windows or Linux) on the physical engine that hosts the VPS servers itself.

Nevertheless, Virtuozzo users or hosting providers should still be concerned about a lack of disk space. In real life, nowadays prizes and availability taken into account, the change between 500 MB and 8 or even 20 GB of disk space, in real and practical terms, is not that great. However, the most important thing is that, in order to store all the data and run all the programs that need to be hosted on the virtual disk, VPS hosting customers should have enough disk space.

For a majority of the users, starting with 40 GB is enough, but for Hyper-V users with larger or several sites are recommended a 60 GB. And it is always better to start off with excess storage, than to suffer from a crashed website later.

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Windows Server 2012, Powered with Hyper-V to Win Consumers from VMware

May 24th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, vps hosting

With Microsoft’s latest enhancements to their Windows Server 2012 and its Hyper-V technology, it now comes with a higher level of flexibility and performance. And it is reported that the new technology is also more secure than ever before. So most of the migration software vendors are now claiming that these new enhancements would make VMware clients to move towards Hyper-V.

Experts who were present at Microsoft IT workshop in Silicon Valley stated that with the new improvements to Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 and its Hyper-V technology, they are now a match for its main competitor VMware’s capabilities, and that it would give most of the datacenter operators a reason in order to switch to Microsoft from VMware.

Listed below are some of the numerous performance enhancements in Windows Server 2012 compared to its present version, Windows Server 2008 R2 – Service Pack 1.

  • Number of processors on server hardware – increased from 64 to 160
  • Number of virtual processors for each physical server – from 512 to 1024
  • Physical memory – from 1TB to 2TB
  • Virtual processors for each virtual server -from 4 to 32
  • Memory for each virtual machine – from 64GB to 1TB
  • Number of operational virtual machines – from 384 to 1024
  • Number of virtual nodes per single server cluster (Maximum) – from 16 to 64
  • Overall number of virtual machines – from 1000 to 4000

According to Chris Avis, the senior IT evangelist at Microsoft Corp., the level of security has also been improved. In addition, isolation in multi-tenant cloud environments has been improved, enabling the transferring of any virtual machines from one physical server to a different one, to be performed with no downtime. This would boost the efficiency on several metrics while also enabling network virtualization. These two features are improved by the addition of a Hyper-V Extensible Switch. He made these statements at an IT camp on Windows Server 2012, which was led by him at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, Calif, on May 17th.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012, which was previously known as “Windows Server 8 beta” will be widely available in the markets later this year.

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Virtualization solution can be significant for any business

November 7th, 2011    Posted in Hyper-V, vps hosting

Virtualization solutions generally are significant for any business. With proper information and guideline you should be in a position how effective they are for your business concern.  The word becomes buzzword round the globe because of its changing requirements. The word normally depicts that it provide more than what normally customer are expectation. Basically, aforementioned article is there to understand various complications which are necessary to tackle situation in best manner.

Basically, term virtualization treated wrongly as missing of basic information about related topic. Basically, virtualization means providing virtual resources in term of storage, hardware compatibility effective in managing than counterparts. The virtualization make server effective in definite way so business can consolidate their information technology resources in superb manner.

VPS hosting contains real attractiveness for graphic designers.

New window version normally contains features that make a comparative change. Hyper –V virtualization tool like VPS hosting was confine only to compatible with administrative system. Later research and development departments expert makes better chances to compatible system with personal computer normally user insist upon it to compatible with personal computers. Graphic designer can amazingly seek advantage by using such option as it provides them convenience in handling different procedures amazingly.

Hyper V- news contains features like storage on optical disks, storage to new locations, up- gradation of machines gradually with increment of changing frequencies. Migration from one system to other is possible with the help of this latest development. Scalable software makes 32 virtual files to compatible with device. In time of emergency movement of data can easily be managed by transferring data to another space locality. The system comes feature not to undergone any effects when migrating data from one system to other permanently.

Virtualization is needed for various motives

Virtualization is needed in multiple task accomplishments. Business needs such technology for simplifying various tasks that are related to information technology management. It normally reduces cost that imply on building infrastructure. A highly pressure is exerted on informational oriented companies in term of internal resources. Hyper V-  tools commonly provides guidelines in effective management of internal resources.

Many businesses are relying that virtualization tools are commonly providing various advantage that are basic in accomplishment of various task effectively. It save cost which is utilize in hiring expert professional for resolving various task related to information technology. Traditionally, companies are restricted to hire all information technology resources at their business premises but, with the introduction of VPS hosting cost minimization procedure is implemented.

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VPS Hosting- Splitting a Server

November 7th, 2011    Posted in Hyper-V, vps hosting

Virtual private server is a common method that splits a server. Without any exaggeration it is well said that it is future of web hosting. It will ease rebooting of individual server as well virtual server operation of single line made possible. Mainframe devices are making a practice to split single server for efficiency and effectiveness. VPS hosting guides method to enhance a bridge among web procedures commonly use insurgence practices.

This choice is ideal in term of secure environment provision. Customer who wants to be secure can make use of such impressive options. It is well equipped with different competencies like administration access, red five modules and Linux operating competency. Virtualization performs various task that enhance server protection, refrain intrusions, server efficacy increase, performance also enhance by introduction of such impressive technology.

VPS hosting perform varied activities conveniently

Microsoft introduce feature like virtualization which commonly imply to different system and setting for accomplishment of various tasks remaining on same system server. With dynamic succession user can customize tools to make compatible with different operating systems. For compatibility user does not need new hardware to make a change for hyper V- news. This option contains attractiveness for reason of being better results segment.

As attractiveness which they webhosting and development tools encompass make accomplishment of various programs convenient and abolish hectic requirement which are necessary there to accomplish program. Hyper –V tools initially developed for administrative requirements of window confine to run with certain specification. Virtualization tools are there providing multiple benefits to user for sustaining of maximum results.

Hyper- V news – a visualization tool used by administrator serves 

Changes in technology urge companies to modify and alter software in order to cope with requirements. Microsoft changes it software and techniques to make compatible with changing requirements. Hyper V a visualization tools use previously by administrative tools but now, utilize abundantly for individual concern to use on personal computers.

Initially, VPS hosting and hyper V- was developed to use with administrative servers but later modification made to cope with changing requirements. Now, you can use this option switch from one environment from other easily without losing important information. The option is also a great attractiveness as meager amount is needed to develop software for system effectiveness. Modification in form of hyper-V can be made like migration, assistance in term of memory and support, current configuration and other utilities for system effectiveness.

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VPS Hosting Increases Efficiency

November 3rd, 2011    Posted in Hyper-V, vps hosting

With the introduction of windows users are much relaxed and find it easy to operate systems in contrast to the time when systems were only capable of being operated with DOS. VPS hosting introduction makes the user to conveniently adopt better techniques of operating system working. It not only eases working on internet but, many other related tasks are relaxed to some extent.

Virtualization is basically a method which makes operation of different software (operating systems) on same electronic machine easier. This process not only saves cost which is commonly invested on purchasing of heavy machinery. Machinery involvement for accomplishment of work is terminated to some extent with introduction of virtualization.

Virtualization is of different kind base of hardware or software related

Virtualization is of distinctive kind which normally depends upon hardware and software configuration of your electronic device. It will make your software and hardware more compatible to perform various tasks simultaneously. Traditionally, it is difficult to operate more than one operating system on same line but, with the introduction of VPS hosting it is convenient to perform work.

Hyper –V tools recognition among public is on rise because, of its essential features provision and other compatible options. Windows 8 version is compatible to take various Endeavors to perform task amazingly. With its introduction  merging, storage and data processing is no longer a tedious task.

Hyper-V technology provides features like switching and logging off.

Hyper- V technology makes it easy to switch from one operating system to other without losing actual data which was often impossible in earlier versions. Commonly these versions were only capable of being operated with administration versions but now features are built in Windows 8 operating system. It makes it convenient for individuals to perform functions without much changes in existing setup. You can perform tasking on multiple systems with the help of such impressive technology revolution.

It enables user to amass data from different servers without any difficulty which is otherwise impossible. Initially, in virtualization it was possible to perform with medium type files. Virtual networking is making possible by professional developer who perform job marvelously. This is an impressive way of managing data which can be utilized in different ways for different servers. 

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Virtual private server reduces carbon footprint

August 9th, 2011    Posted in vps hosting

Carbon footprint can be improved with the help of virtual private server. VPS not only help the businesses to reduce their costs but also allow them to get hold of virtualization tool so that it can significantly improve the efficiency of the consumption energy as well as reduce their impact on our environment. In order to maximize the productivity of the employees of the company, VPS plays an important role as a result of which electricity costs can be kept under firm control. Recently, a prediction was made on the basis of the observation of IT analyst Ovum that there might be an increased uptake in virtual private server. It is said that as and when more companies will recognize the benefits of VPS, the process of converting sizeable minority of servers into a virtual machines will continue.

The literal meaning of the word virtualization is converting the physical server into a virtual server. There might be question in everyone’s mind that why they should go for virtualization? The reason is that companies can reduce their overhead costs not only with respect to only hardware expenditure but also operating costs. It also provides security and protection to our important data. Your information is backed up with the help of virtualized server and it can be retrieved with a retrieval request. As a result it permits minimal downtime and expenditure.


When your server gets virtualized as a preventive measure, then it can ensure reduction of your businesses ‘Carbon Footprint’ on the environment. With the help of virtualization you can achieve various objectives such as Cost and time effective upgrade solutions, No unnecessary or costly changes to your current IT infrastructure, higher levels of performance and efficiency, reduced power consumption costs etc.

With help of virtual private server solution, energy consumption gets reduced as a result your company’s carbon footprint on the earth will get decrease. This solution is not only cost effective but also suitable to the dynamic needs of your business. You must think twice before taking any print out because every tree provides oxygen which is sufficient for three people to breathe. So we must work together for reducing carbon footprint as we know it comes in the form of paper products. You must use recycled paper, both the side should be printed etc. are some of the ideas which must be adopted to keep your environment green.

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