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Global Cloud Virtualization Software Market 2011-2015

October 31st, 2012    Posted in cloud hosting, Hyper-V, Internet, virtualization

According to the forecasts by analysts at TechNavio, the actionable, competitive, strategic, and customer intelligence related market research report provider, the Global Cloud Virtualization Software market will grow at 14.98% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate), during the period from 2011 to 2015.

Microsoft Corp. with its Hyper-V

According to them, one of the main factors for this growth rate is the need to build platform-independent computing solutions. It is also said that the Global Cloud Virtualization Software market is also having a much focus on green cloud computing. It seems that the only challenge that might cause a challenge to the growth of the Global Cloud Virtualization Software market is the growing security concerns on the subject of cloud computing.

TechNavio claims that the newly released report regarding the Global Cloud Virtualization Software Market 2011-2015 has been arranged based on a thorough analysis of the Global Cloud Virtualization Software market, with inputs from many experts in the industry. The report covers the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region, APAC (Asia-Pacific) region, and the Americas.

According to the report, the key vendors who are currently dominating the Global Cloud Virtualization Software market include Microsoft Corp. with its Hyper-V, Citrix Systems Inc., VMware Inc., and IBM Corp. The other vendors that share a small portion of the market are Parallels, Amazon, Red Hat Inc., and Oracle Corp.

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VMware vCenter Server 5.1 Support for Microsoft Hyper-V Servers Coming Soon

October 30th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Although VMware is in a hypervisor battle with Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Citrix, RedHat, and Oracle, but it also finds itself in a war over the virtualization management control. There is a number of third-party vendors, who have been developing their own management technologies for many years. And they have been frequently out- innovating and out- navigating VMware. Although VMware welcomes management tools from its ecosystem partners such as Veeam, SolarWinds, VKernel, Zenoss, and VMTurbo, it’s still kind of a shaky situation.

VMware vCenter Server 5.1 support for Microsoft Hyper-V servers

One of the problems that VMware faces is, although the ecosystem third-party companies are coming up with brilliant management products, most of the virtual administrators do not like to stop using the vCenter clients they have. However, they also want to do their jobs the best way they can, which often requires managing multiple panes of glass in the virtual environment. And one thing that VMware lacks, when compared to other management vendors is the availability of a heterogeneous virtualization management tool.

VMware announced that the vCenter Server 5.1 would soon be able to manage Microsoft Hyper-V servers, at the VMworld Europe 2012. And they have come up with a new add-on to the vCenter Server that would allow this functionality. It is called the vCenter MHM (Multi-Hypervisor Manager).

According to VMware, the new plug-in that supports Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 and Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 hosts, will be available for downloading through the download page of VMware vCenter Server, in the third quarter of 2013.

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Server virtualization – Less Hardware, More Profit

October 26th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Internet, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization, Virtualized Data Centers

Says Kroll Factual Data…

The Kroll Factual Data, the Information resource for lenders, employers and property managers with more than 300 employees has offered a great example about the potential savings that businesses can gain from switching to Server virtualization. The company works on delivering credit reports, business background research, risk assessment reports, employee screenings and collecting information services for its customers. The company acquired 58 other companies within the last 5 years, and those purchases resulted in a mishmash of servers.

Kroll Factual Data switchs to hyper-v

According to Kroll Factual Data, maintaining those systems was really exhausting. And most of the time it took about two weeks for the IT staff to configure a single server. They had to move all the physical servers to the data centers at the company premises and integrate them one by one in to the old system.

However, in 2008, Kroll Factual Data decided to streamline the infrastructure of its data center. And they decided to give virtualization a try. They researched the virtualization software market, evaluated and compared the available products, and finally decided that Microsoft’s Hyper-V was the best option for them.

After switching to Hyper-V virtualization, Kroll Factual Data announced that they were saving $440,000 annually, only on their energy costs. And they have stated that, since 2008, they have been able to save millions of dollars by switching to virtualization.

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Survey Shows That a Virtualized Data Centers are Gaining Popularity

October 25th, 2012    Posted in virtualization, Virtualized Data Centers

According to a recent report released by Aberdeen Group Inc, a provider of fact-based business intelligence research founded in 1988, the industry of Server Virtualization has passed a significant milestone in this year (2012). According to the latest report released by the leading market research firm shows that 50% of the applications are currently running on virtual environments.

Aberdeen Group Inc

According to the senior research analyst of Aberdeen Group Inc, Dick Csaplar, most of the enterprises are now feeling quite comfortable with the idea of switching to virtualized servers.

Virtualized Data CentersWith the use of virtualization, enterprises can run multiple applications on a single server. This increases the system utilization. Usual utilization target of a company is around 80%. Every organization likes to keep some room in case of an emergency. With virtualization techniques, most companies are able to raise their system utilization from around 10% – 15% range to 50% – 75% range.

Another reason why companies are moving towards virtualization is, as it increases the server efficiency, they can get by with less hardware. According to the research by Aberdeen Group Inc, companies can gain up to 15-fold reduction by switching to virtualization. So switching to virtualization ultimately affects the net profit of the company in a very positive way.

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CommVault to Integrate Modern Data Management with Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V

October 24th, 2012    Posted in cloud hosting, Hyper-V, Internet, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization, Windows Server

CommVault, the data and information management software focused on mid-range and enterprise-level environments, has announced that its Simpana 9 software, which is built from the ground up on a unifying code base and a single platform that enables the protection, management and search of data across physical, virtual or cloud environments, would be totally integrated with Microsoft’s Cloud OS, which includes Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and also Windows Azure. The company says that this is expected to help the organizations to scale and manage the dynamic requirements of their business-critical applications as quickly as possible.

Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V with Simpana-9

CommVault has had about 10 years of interoperability and alliance with a various Microsoft server platforms. The Simpana software is also targeting to enable easy and quick migration to Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. The software also benefits from latest improvements in the areas of data protection and automation.

Windows Server 2012 with the CommVault’s Simpana 9 Interoperability

  • - Can Perform live VM migrations across a data center, and between Windows Azure cloud and a data center by using the virtual machine backup and restore options in Simpana software.
  • - Simpana allows its users to use Windows Azure cloud as an alternative to tape-based and a retention tier, which enables secure, long-term and cost-effective storage.
  • - Microsoft and CommVault are planning to demonstrate how Simpana 9 software will make it trouble-free and easy to perform upgrades to Windows Server 2012 and migrating to Windows Server Hyper-V, during the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 (November 12 to 15) and at the Cloud OS Signature Event Series in Las Vegas.
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A New Backup and Recovery Option for Windows Server 2012 from Unitrends

October 23rd, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Internet, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization, Windows Server

Unitrends, the all-in-one backup appliance for virtual, physical and cloud, and the leader in enterprise-level data protection, has revealed its support for Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012. Earlier this year, Unitrends released Unitrends Enterprise Backup™, the popular software-only version of its flagship recovery collection of physical appliances. According to Unitrends, at the moment, it is the only all-in-one Hyper-V 2012 Server and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V for backup, recovery appliance in the market.


Unitrends is a company well-known for its long term Microsoft partnership. So it is known to invest heavily on engineering expertise in order to test and then validate the newest upcoming Microsoft software versions on its infrastructure.

Maria Pressley, a spokesperson at Unitrends, stated that as Microsoft decided to offer a free version of its Hyper-V Server 2012, their company also came up with a free and fully functioning version of its enterprise level backup software, which can be used to protect up to4 Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. Apart from the free edition, the backup software also has an enterprise edition.

The collection of Unitrends’ all-in-one appliances, which are scalable as well, and the other software solutions developed for backing up, archiving, disaster recovery and instant recovery, can be used to protect more than 100 different versions of operating systems, servers, storage area network, hypervisors, network-attached storage and applications.

The collection of Unitrends’ all-in-one appliances, which are scalable as well, and the other software solutions developed for backing up, archiving, disaster recovery and instant recovery, can be used to protect more than 100 different versions of operating systems, servers, storage area network, hypervisors, network-attached storage and applications.

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Microsoft Planning to Attract the Users of VMware with a New Migration Tool

October 22nd, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Internet, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization, Windows Server

From now on it is possible to download the free Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC) tool by Microsoft. Las week, the company said that this new tool allows the virtual machines that run on VMware products to be converted t Hyper-V, which is Microsoft’s own virtualization environment.

Using the new Virtual Machine Converter, you can convert virtual drives or virtual machines that run on VMware vSphere, which uses the format VMDK, into versions compatible with Hyper-V.

MVMC - Microsoft's Virtual Machine Converter

In accordance to VMware, an entire server or desktop environment is condensed in a file by a virtual machine and the latter is included in the VMDK format as well as how it is stored, the information can then be utilized to provision, backup and patch the environment.

With MVMC, the VMs created using vSphere 4.0, 4.1 or 5.0 can be converted to Hyper-V Server versions, which can operate on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or Windows Server 2012.

Administrators have the choice between either a version of the conversion tool with a command-line interface or one with a GUI (graphical user interface) that incorporates a wizard in order to facilitate the conversion work.

The new tool is introduced as a part of “Switch to Hyper-V” program by Microsoft. According to Microsoft, other than this tool, other resources, for instance best practices to assist to take the risk out of VM migrations, are also available through this program.

Even though Microsoft hasn’t revealed any information about when a production ready version will be out yet, the beta version of the new VMware console plugin version of MVMW is also accessible for download.

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Vyatta Expands Advanced Routing Capabilities and Adds Hyper-V Support

October 19th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Vyatta, one of the global leaders in software-based networking for virtual and cloud environments, has announced Vyatta Network OS 6.5′s general availability. Vyatta Network OS 6.5 is the most updated software-bad Network solution in software-based networking industry. Its new features include BGP Multipath, Policy Based Routing (PBR) and many more. Vyatta’s platform support has also been increased with the incorporation of Microsoft Hyper-V that provides a higher level of flexibility for the datacenters of service providers.

Vyatta Adds Hyper-V Support

The addition of Microsoft’s Hyper-V support in Vyatta 6.5 enables an enterprise-class networking and security solution for datacenters that utilizes Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization or an association of vendors.

Not only is Vyatta Network OS 6.5 extending its hypervisor support to Hyper-V, it is also inaugurating few embellishments to its security and routing functionalities:

Hyper-V Support - Vyatta- VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interface)

- PBR (Policy-Based Routing)

- BGP Multipath

- Improvements to VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol)

- IPSec support for IPv6

According to Tuchler, the Marketing Vice President at Vyatta, these newly released features fortify Vyatta’s enterprise-class networking and security solution and deliver upgraded skills to datacenters at the same time. He also mentioned that the deployment of these technologies allows the datacenters to be more inclined to react quickly to evolving business and application demands, to assist private cloud infrastructure and offer a strategic roadmap toward software-defined Networking.




- IPSec support for IPv6

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Veeam Announces the Release of Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5 in Q4

October 16th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Internet, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

The newest version of the flagship product of Veeam Software offers support for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and VMware vSphere 5.1


The virtual infrastructure management and data protection software developer for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments, Veeam Software, announced that the latest edition of its new flexible, reliable and fast recovery solution for virtualized applications and data, Veeam Backup & Replication, would be released for the public in the 4th quarter of this year.

The version 6.5 of the Veeam Backup & Replication will feature brand new restore capabilities for LeftHand snapshots, Microsoft Exchange, and HP StoreVirtual VSA (virtual storage appliance). In addition, it will also offer support for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and VMware vSphere 5.1.

Veeam for hyper-v“The agent-less backup & replication solution of Veeam is exclusively developed for virtualization” stated Ratmir Timashev, the CEO and the President of Veeam Software. He added that even though it was considered as a niche in the past, now it has become an important feature as virtualization itself.

Features of version 6.5 of Veeam Backup & Replication:

Veeam Explorer for Exchange

The VM administrators will have the ability to check inside of the Exchange backups to locate and access unique Exchange items even without the need of an agent.

Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots

VM admins will be able to quickly restore any single or all of the VMs straightaway via SAN snapshots.

Advanced Reporting and Monitoring

The new feature will integrate capacity planning, monitoring and reporting in to a single console, making the life of VM admins much easier.

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2X Software Releases their First Cloud Software Solution for Hyper-V by Microsoft

October 15th, 2012    Posted in cloud hosting, Hyper-V, Internet, Microsoft Hyper-V

On September 5th, 2012, 2X Software, one of the global leaders of virtual desktop and application delivery, cloud computing & remote access solutions, announced the Version 10.5 release of its 2X ApplicationServer XG, which has won multiple awards. With the release of the new version, 2X Software became the first company to offer VDI (Virtual Desktop Management) and Application Delivery, along with full Thin Client Management integration within a single software package. In addition, the new release also includes features like Second Level Authentication (enabled by the Integration of Radius), RAW printing, URL Redirection Blacklist and Support for the Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster.

2X Software's Cloud Software Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V

Furthermore, the customers who wish to purchase the version 10.5 of 2X ApplicationServer XG will also get an option to buy 2X ClientManager Module. This will upgrade them to 2X ApplicationServer XG 10.5 PLUS.

With 2X ClientManager, administrators have the ability to manage the user connections in a centralized manner. 2X software also stated that, they were planning to include the options to manage mobile devices to the ClientManager in the future.

The pricing of 2X ApplicationServer XG version 10.5 will start at $1,190. This pricing would be applicable for the small business version. And the pricing of the new 2X ClientManager Module will start at $450 per 10 clients.

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