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Will VMware Earnings Get an Impact from Microsoft Hyper-V?

July 27th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V

While the Q2 2012 financial results of VMware (NYSE: VMW) were very well above the expectations of Wall Street, the company is getting ready for their big VMworld conference on August. However, Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), the US national newspaper that that covers international business and the global economy, seems to believe that the Q3 financial result forecast of VMware could be a little bit below expectations. This means that Microsoft Hyper-V could be putting competitive pressure on VMware.

The revenues of VMware for the Q2 of 2012 rose by 22%, to $1.12 billion. The company still holds the majority of the virtualization market, and expects the revenues of Q3 2012 to be around $1.11 to $1.15 billion.

However, VMware’s plan of shifting its CEO title from Paul Maritz to Pat Gelsinger, which is planned to happen on September 1st, has started to concern the conspiracy theorists that VMware is starting to worry about Microsoft Hyper-V.


Of course, Hyper-v, the Microsoft’s hypervisor is going to have some major upgrades with the arrival of Windows Server 2012 on September 2012.And many Hyper-V channel partners are predicting that many major companies will be shifting to Hyper-V from VMware as soon as the new hypervisor comes out.

In addition, Microsoft Hyper-V had already been claiming market share gains in recent weeks.

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FyrSoft Announces its Recent Success with Hyper-V Transition Services

July 20th, 2012    Posted in Uncategorized

Last Wednesday, 18th of July 2012, FyrSoft [fire-soft], the leading Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) provider, announced the news about their success in leading the biggest and the most successful partner managed VMware to Hyper-V transformation on the planet as of yet. They were also able to obtain a Microsoft Gold Certification in Management and Virtualization.


The news about the massively successful project of switching to Hyper-V was also announced by Microsoft at the Microsoft’s Global Partner Conference held in Toronto, Canada. Their case study, which they claim to be the key to their success, is available through their website –

Mr. Jim Thomas, the Director of IT Operations at Pella Corporation, stated that FyrSoft is an excellent business companion, which assisted their company, the Pella Corporation, to effectively plan and then transform  a huge selection of VMs to their brand new Microsoft Hyper-V Private Cloud, managed with System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

In addition, Jeff Skelton, the Managing Partner at FyrSoft LLC, stated that transferring to Hyper-V from VMware is a great way for companies to save a significant amount of money software licensing while also offering a much more optimized and powerful platform that uses System Center 2012 for Private Cloud management.

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Microsoft Hyper-V and FreeBSD Interoperability Anticipated This Summer

July 18th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Microsoft, teamed up with couple of its partnering companies, is finalizing a project that would allow interoperability of FreeBSD with Microsoft’s Windows Server Hyper-V.


The news about this project, which was started in last October, was released to the public at the 2012 BSDCan event in Ottawa, Canada, in last may. The goal of the project is to develop drivers that would allow the FreeBSD server (which is open source), to operate as a first-class guest on Hyper-V, Microsoft’s hypervisor. The drivers are going to be licensed under BSD license, which means they are going to be FOSS code. The drivers are expected to work with versions 8.2 and 8.3 of FreeBSD and Windows Server 2008 R2.

FreeBSD is a free server, which is somewhat Unix-like, and is usually utilized by Web hosting providers. In addition to FreeBSD, Microsoft’s interoperability team is also working on enabling Hyper-V interoperability for many other Linux-based open source servers, like Red Hat, SUSE and CentOS. They have stated that their goal is to support interoperability for consumers who are operating multiple server technologies.

In order to develop the VMBUS driver, the core that interfaces between the guest OS and the host Hyper-V Windows VPS solution, Microsoft worked together with Insight Global. NetApp and Citrix are two other companies they partnered with as both of them are contributors to FreeBSD and also the users of the FreeBSD technology.

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Windows Server 2012 will be Available in Stores in September

July 16th, 2012    Posted in cloud hosting, Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Satya Nadella, the Server and Tools Business Vice President of Microsoft Inc., announced that Windows Server 2012 is going to be released to the public one month earlier than Windows 8. She made the statement at the Worldwide Partner Conference which took place in Toronto on last Tuesday. Microsoft sees the release as a small part of a broader effort to pull consumers away from its opponents and to the Windows Azure platform.


While the Operating System will be generally available in September, The server platform will launch for production in August.

Nadella also announced about the in house program that they are carrying as part of this effort, which will assist their partners with the migration of their cloud infrastructures to Azure from VMware. As Microsoft is investing a lot of money in the cloud, this can be seen as an obvious move to start chipping away at the control of its larger competitors.

Windows Server 2012 would not include a lot of new features to help consumers to take hold of the cloud. However, it will have several enhancements to the last release of the server platform, which was released 4 years ago.

One of the main enhancements to Windows Server 2012 is the inclusion of multi-tenant configurations in Hyper-V. Hyper-V technology is the window’s approach to hypervisors. Other enhancements include a new file system named ReFS (Resilient File System) and improvements to access controls.

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Hypervisor Wars: Microsoft Squares up To VMware with Its New Hyper-V Technology

July 6th, 2012    Posted in Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization, web server news

In the war in opposition to NFS and VMware, Microsoft has announced X-IO and few others as their latest proxies alongside Hyper-V and SMB. SMB v3 is the technology that Microsoft uses to deliver file-based networked storage data into the servers running on Hyper-V. On the other side of the table are NFS and VMware.

“Encouraging their Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V consumers to shift to using file based storage from block storage, because of its added simplicity is the Microsoft’s pushback against their main rivals, NFS + VMware.” said Gavin McLaughlin, the solutions development director (UK) of X-IO.


Jose Barreto, the Windows file storage product manager, blogged that 5.8GB/sec file delivery speed was achieved at Interop in Las Vegas, in May 2012. The setup at Las Vegas used Windows Server 2012 beta and SMB 3.0. Then, in June Mellanox, for TechEd, reviled that 10.36GB/sec throughput speed was achieved using Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, and SMB 3.0.  And then it was reported that an X-IO TechEd system was able to achieve more than 15GB/sec and 125,000 IOPS. McLaughlin, for X-IO, stated that it was “Well over 50% higher than anything else that is currently on the market”.

From Microsoft’s point of view, being able to have high speed storage pumping file-based data across SMB links to Windows Server 2012 virtualized with Hyper-V is a huge advantage for both, them and their users.

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