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Introduction of Windows 8- A Great Development Towards Super Visualization Tools

September 30th, 2011    Posted in virtualization

Introduction of window 8 has given the expansion towards hypervisors features to the operators through introduction of hyper visualization on personal computers. Availability of Hyper V feature increase the numbers of features in window 8 and users are able to complete their task in smooth with the use of numbers of options available in the operating system.

Important features of window 8 based on visualization tool

Introduction of window 8 has totally changed the concept of operating systems towards new visions and options. With the use of OS, users are able to run multiple operating systems with 32- or 64 bit on a single computer at the same time. Availability of this feature makes it easy for the people to enjoy multiple environments on single operating system without taking from the use of expensive supporting hardware.

Microsoft company’ experts are always striving to introduce the operating systems easily operate able and with different additional features. Availability of Hyper visualization tool in window 8 is a great development for the developers as they are able to develop their items is to some extent in ease. For the facilitation of the users, Microsoft has introduced pre-configured virtual machines supporting all the previous versions of Microsoft for performance of different development activities.

Availability of hyper V tool in window makes it possible for the users to reallocate the memory on the basis of their requirement. It is possible for the people to run three or four virtual machines only with the availability of 4 GB of RAM and for running of more systems users have the requirement of the availability more Random access memory storage capacity.

Future oriented approach of Microsoft Company

Technology is changing day by day and during development process of window 8 experts of Microsoft has carefully considered the future needs of the users. When you are talking about the availability of hyper V in window 8, it has some limitation regarding the availability of limited hardware range in your system. For example during experiment running of 03 desktop computers and six other notebook personal computers, hardware in numbers of systems is not supporting the hyper v software. Besides consideration of the different hardware availability of window 8 operating system is almost a necessary requirement for the smooth running of the hyper V facilitation options. Instead of considering limited hardware requirements, availability of new hyper V tool is a real help in different types of innovative activities.

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Looking Into Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Beta

September 30th, 2011    Posted in Hyper-V

Microsoft has made several changes in its software and technologies with the passage of a short time span. Currently it has introduced some of extra features / tools f visualization in the upcoming operating system of Windows 8 edition i.e. Hyper –V. It is a tool of visualization that has been used by the administrator serves in the past but at present it could be used by the individuals on the personal computers.  The hyper-V has been introduced by the Microsoft in 2008 for servers only i.e. administrator servers. With the help of this tool you can switch from one atmosphere to another and one operating system to another easily. It was quite cost effective because there was no need of high cost products requirement.


With the passage of time the Hyper-V 2008 R2 has been introduced that takes away all the problems of it first edition successfully. It was a great edition of Hyper-V whose qualities could never been explained in detail. There have been made some big improvement is the Hyper-V, Hyper-V R2 and Hyper-V R2 EF, DC that includes failover clustering, live migration, processor & memory support and updated configuration of Hyper-V utility. It is a big change that can enable you to do the work easily and effectively in timely manners.

Failover Clustering & Live Data Migration

With the help of adding the feature of failover clustering which was not available in the simple Hyper-V too and has been introduced in its second edition i.e. Hyper-V R2 you can seek the support for unexpected downtime for host clustering technology. It has first been introduced in Hyper-V R2 Beta then has been released as a full version.

On the other hand live data migration was not possible before the visualization tool of Hyper-V 2008 R2 that is equipped with the quality of live data merging technology. Now you can migrate you live information from one server to another without having any interruption of both of the servers. Moreover, both of the above mentioned features have enabled the users to receive elevated accessibility and active relocation qualities in all kinds of downtime i.e. planned and unplanned.

Easy & User Friendly Configuration Management

The support for physical systems have also been increased with help of Hyper-V server 2008 R2 Beta and it has been enhanced up to eight sockets as well as 32-Cores of support. The configuration utility of Hyper-V has also been updated and has been made very simple to use without making big commands. You can easily deal with the remote management configuration and failover clustering configuration with its simple and easy tool.

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Introduction of Hyper visualization technology in Windows 8 with multiple robotic features

September 30th, 2011    Posted in Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Infrastructure of Microsoft Hyper visualization technology is differentiating from the options available in VMware tool. Microsoft has given different automated features in Hyper visualization tool as compared to Microsoft tools available for the intenders. Automation from different aspect is an added feature of hyper visualization tool for the users. Availability of SCVMM is very helpful in accomplishment of different in error free manners. Technology comes with simpler cmdlets which is only workable on server computers. Users can be able to take the facilitation from the use of automated commands available in PowerShell management library and users can be able to take the facilitation free of cost from the use of freeware software.

Automated performance of different options with the help of PowerShell

Use of window task scheduler is helpful in scheduling of automated tasks available with the use of hyper visualization. Users have just the requirement to enter the task in the scheduler and you are in a position to know the automated task status during the use of Hyper-V. Through the use of option, you are easily able to manage the status of error during execution of different programs. It is good technique to convert the physical machines to VMs and it is very helpful in finding the most effective host for accomplishment of your tasks.

Use of Hyper visualization tool is very helpful in accomplishment of different task as people are better in a position to manage their resources in right direction. Use of self service portal introduced by Microsoft Company is very helpful in management of resources through tracking technique and ultimately managed utilization of resources is possible. Hyper visualization tool is performing the multiple functions for the users which were previously performing the administrators’ with the use of other software.

Is the use of hyper visualization tools effective for accomplishment of different tasks?

It is an important question that the use of automated tool available with hyper V tool effective for smooth accomplishment of different tasks.  Technology is very helpful in accomplishment of different tasks but it has only one limitation that the availability of required ability to implement the technology. With the use of this new futuristic tool, users are only able to manage their resources in well manners as they have the option to restrict the occurrence of different errors on prompt basis. Availability of hyper V tool in window 8 make it easy for the people to complete their task more accurately by taking facilitation from the use of automated.     

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Virtualization of Microsoft Operating System with Hyper-V

September 30th, 2011    Posted in Microsoft Hyper-V

What is Virtualization & Its Importance

Virtualization is a technique with the help of which we can operate different kinds of operating system on a same machine. This is a way that helps us in utilizing the maximum human resources to utilize the amount that we invest on the purchase of the hardware of a costly machine. The virtualization may be of any kind i.e. it could be about some hardware of the computer system or it could be in the software too. For example, in the recent past we were unable to operate more than one operating system in a single server but virtualization made it possible with the help of Hyper-V 2008 R2 server to do a lot of things that were not possible in the past. It also maintain the cost that has been incurred on the purchased of different components of machine by using one hardware for different work.

Presently, you can switch from one operating system to another without losing your data and without logging off from earlier operating system and that becomes possible with the Hyper-V technology. This technology has been found in the administrator servers only but Microsoft Windows 8 has now introduced the features of Hyper-V server that enables an individual to do the same. Everything is possible with the help of different computer system. With the help of virtualization we can now able to merge the data / information of two different servers without any kind of interruption. In some recent past virtualization has only been possible for those applications that were meant for small and medium type of usage.

About MS Windows 8 Server with Hyper-V

The developers of Microsoft Windows 8 have done their job marvelously by making arrangements of easy virtual networking through the technology of Hyper-V serve. It has now become a big platform of storing the data and managing the infrastructure of the computer like the administrator server. There are so many things that are yet to be known because it did not come in the market yet. On the other hand its date of release is also unknown; it has just been reviewed by its developers. We do not know whether it will become a successful operating system or not.

However the Hyper-V tool is amazing and has been liked very much by the public. Moreover the windows server 8 by Microsoft is equipped with necessary tools to take any kind of challenge by its competitors. Different kinds of facilities / technologies will definitely made it a successful and popular operating system in the world. The important facilities that could be fetched by the users with the help of hyper-V are fail-over, data merging & migrating and updation of data base control without giving long commands to system.


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Microsoft’s own visualization tool

September 25th, 2011    Posted in Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

Great attraction for the designers

Microsoft company has introduced a version of Windows 8 that has the features of Hyper-V virtualization. The option to enjoy the Hyper-V tool was only available with the administrative system and not workable in personal computers. Now with the use of Windows 8,users can be able to enjoy the facilitation which was only with the expensive administrative system. It is an addition real attractive for the graph designers as the use of window tool; they are able to complete the process of designing with added quality free from different types of procedural complications. In old operating system, shifting from one environment to another is not simple idea as you have the requirement of different additional hardware and software tools. But, now you have no worry about the availability of additional hardware as you are able to shift in different environment with the use of tool.

Enjoy multiple environments on the single system  

In some situation, Computer users are intending to enjoy the availability of multiple environments on the same system. In new addition of Microsoft Window 8, users have the option to shift in different environments with the use of the tool available in the operating system. Operating system is just like previous versions of windows, however, users have the option to enjoy the additional feature of Microsoft own visualization on their personal computers. Hyper-V is a tool which is not only compatible with the windows but you can also run the tool on other operating systems such as Linux. Users can be able to run their different experiments on their system with the availability of this additional tool designed on the basis of vast experience and consideration of the requirement of the users.

 Multiple operating systems at the same time

Hyper-V is a tool which is not helpful for the graphic designers but users are also able to enjoy the multiple operating systems on your personal computer. Users have just the requirement of the availability of 64 bit process along with 4 GB RAM for smooth running of the system. Previously, the facilitation is applicable on limited operating system but with the introduction of Hyper-V, you can enjoy the tool on different operating systems at the same time.  It is additional tool makes the process of graphic operations as well as other experiment efforts easy and users can easily be able to complete the task free from different types of procedural requirements in the operating systems.

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The Hyper-V Tool

September 25th, 2011    Posted in Microsoft Hyper-V

Helpful in accomplishment of different task

It is great news for the graphic designers that option of Hyper-V which was previously available on with server based Microsoft editions. For the users who are willing to enjoy the tool for accomplishment of their different activities has the requirement of different third party software. But now users have no requirement of third party software when they are relying on the use of Windows 8. Windows 8 has included this valuable tool of Hyper-V for the Microsoft users and they are able to enjoy the multiple nature of facilitation from the use of this attractive tool. With the use of tool, users are easily able to enjoy the multiple operating systems by shifting from one system to another with the use of tool. It is a system facilitating to run the operation of graphics, testing of different environments and for other requirements of users.

Simple mechanism of multiple environment experiment

Microsoft has introduced the tool easily applicable on different systems and the mechanism of environment shifting for experiment purposes. Moreover, users are able to shift the environment in quick succession with the use of tool as it is applicable on different operating systems. Users have no requirement about the availability latest hardware as you can run the operation on the running generation systems. It is an attractive option to complete different activities with the use experiment related environment on one PC. Users of tool are not able to complete their activities with full facilitation but they are also able to generate the better results on accomplishment of their multiple activities. with the use of old versions of software, shifting from one environment to another is an activity based on multiple hectic requirements but now users have no worry about complicated requirements of different activities as they are able to complete their activities with the use of this attractive tool.

Multiple advantages with the use of Hyper-V tool     

Hyper V tool was previously designed for administrative versions of windows and can only be compatible with limited operating system. But it is no compatible with window 8 Microsoft version providing Virtualization tool with attractive additional benefits for the users. Availability of the tool makes it easy for the people who are willing to complete their experiments in multiple environments that they are able to get their desired environments on one system with the use of tool in available with Windows 8 Microsoft addition.

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Window 8 with attractive feature of Hyper- v virtualization for the operators

September 25th, 2011    Posted in Microsoft Hyper-V

Attractive feature for the developers

It is great attraction for the developers in Windows 8 that they have a striking tool option of Hyper-V in the operating system. System is also good for professionals who are willing to implement or support virtual environments. Mathew John has described the tool as a facilitation was only available with the administrative operating systems and not available for every one. Window 8 has given the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the facilitation in their personal computers as it is the first operating system providing the facilitation. Hyper-V is a tool providing the feature to the users to enjoy multiple operating systems as well as multiple environments on the same system. it is good for the developers to complete their process in trouble free manners and other users are also able to enjoy this additional feature. Feature is vastly applicable on administrators who have the requirement of virtualized personal computers.

Easy way of maintenance of multiple environments on single system

With the use of Window 8, users are able to enjoy the multiple environments at the same system with the use of new additional tool of Hyper-V. During the use of tool, people have no complications at the time switching from one environment to another and it can be applicable without any additional hardware cost. During the use of operating system people have also the option to enjoy the facility even with the use of old internet explorers as pre-configured virtual machines are also available for the purpose of supporting old explorers. It is an additional item for the users to enjoy the multiple operating systems such as Windows Server and Windows Client. Large numbers of intenders are willing to take the facilitation from this new tool for doing new things without facing the chances of changes in the current operating system.

Compatible with normal computer hardware

Window 8 is an operating system compatible with the requirements of different users and you can run the system even on normal systems combined with hardware such as 4 gigabytes of RAM and with old 64-bit processor. It is a system available in the systems of running generation. During the use of 64-bit processor users have just the requirement of Second Level Address Translation to run the system smoothly. It is an addition in the computer technology providing the option to switch to different environments without any procedural complications.

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Red Hat and Virtualization

September 19th, 2011    Posted in virtualization

Being the vendor of Linux, Red Hat would want that its customer should run its technologies on Linux but the customers need to run RHEV i.e. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization management system on Microsoft windows. This concept has changed now as a result the management system has been re-written so that java applications would run on top of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server. For authentication of work, RHEV supports Active Directory. It also allows opening up the source of PostgreSQL database. According to thadani, the newly upgraded RHEV provide zero-downtime up-gradation. This updated windows free management would not cost you anything extra than what has been charged previously. They also let you know about the reason for which you will pay for i.e. enterprises needs to count the CPU sockets on the basis of the number used by them and accordingly they will be paying for the same.

The best part would be that Red Hat charges you one-seventh of the cost of VMware. Due to the addition of the new management server, we can come across a big change in the new version of KVM i.e. RHEV 3.0. This new version is simply hold to power the solution as a core virtualization hypervisor. The underlying hypervisor has been replaced with new KVM which is about to ship in RHEL 6.2. Along with this new up gradation, they have also considered performance enhancements which includes various features such as:-

  • Transparent Huge Pages for database performance,
  •  paravirtualized interrupt controllers,
  • a sync I/O
  • An entire rewrite of the networking infrastructure.

They have also explained that the stack of the network has been moved from user to kernel space so that it can deliver better performance. Another most important feature of this system is that it can scale up to 128 CPUs with 2 TB of RAM at the host level providing for large virtual machines. It also provides built-in reporting infrastructure which help to leverages an embedded Jasper Reports engine. This engine provides historic views on usage and management so that it becomes easy for the users to manage the system.

Therefore, we can conclude the fact they have succeeded in grabbing more and more customers across the industry segments which has made RHEV 3.0 available in beta. It has been observed that Red Hat customers including major players like Qualcom, BNP Paribas and DreamWorks use RHEV.


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Features of Hyper-V Virtualization

September 19th, 2011    Posted in Microsoft Hyper-V, virtualization

With latest upgrades regarding virtualization, Microsoft has always surprised the market experts. Recently, it has again occupied the market with the help of their new release of Windows Server 2008 virtualization technology Hyper-V that too before promised date. They had also made it available on their website i.e. now you can download Hyper-V beta provided your system is updated with the current x64 beta version of Windows Server 2008.  The company admits that it has been designed in such a manner that hyper-V would be able to directly work within the environment of windows server and the same would make it easier for the users to implement and manage. Hyper-V has been launched by adding all the benefits virtualization-optimized microprocessors. This way it will help Microsoft to compete with other virtualization leaders who have already positioned their status in the market of hypervisor technology. Let us see what this technology is all about:-

In order to make your servers run multiple versions of different operating systems, hypervisors allow for cross-platform support. The management has explained that hyper-v has been designed in a manner that it can be set up within the windows server 2008 and can also be easily regulated as per the choice of the customers. The most new release of the operating system come with this feature of Roles because it will allow to set up only those roles which would be wanted by the customers to play in the environment of information technology i.e. IT. It has been mentioned that hyper-v in the virtualization market act as a criteria for horse race between two leader companies i.e. between Microsoft and VMware. In order to build virtualization into the operating system from Linux leader Red Hat Inc., Microsoft has come across a huge pressure as Linux leader was already adopted integrated cross-platform virtualization into Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Therefore we can expect to see Windows Server 2008 in multiple editions which might be offered without Hyper-V or with Hyper-V. Microsoft has also come up with an idea of launching a product i.e. Microsoft Hyper-V Server which would take virtualization host environment into its consideration.

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What do we mean by ‘live migration’

September 19th, 2011    Posted in virtualization

Microsoft has revealed a solution to one of the vital problem which has crop up in virtualization i.e. movement of an operational VM across WAN (wide area network). This solution is a latest release of Microsoft i.e. Windows Server operating system which shall be available in Microsoft’s Hyper-V version 3 hypervisor. The feature of this new release was made known to people at the Microsoft BUILD conference in Anaheim, California.

Within the virtual machines, there are certain applications which has made working VM move from one computer to another. This has been made possible with live migration and that too without any disruption. There are various software providers which allows you to avail live migration services within your local network but the challenge comes when live VM across different subnets, or separate WAN sub-networks. This concept has become difficult due to the complexities related to network latencies and network addressing.

Its working principle was explained so that it becomes easier for the users to make utilization of the same. Two internet protocol addresses has been provided for each virtual machine out of which one address is used as the home address for the respective virtual machines and it has been considered for communicating with the other net works. And in case it has been accessed publicly then communicate with the internet. Second address is basically allocated for the local data center. However this solution is made more effective with the use of Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) technology because it provides Cisco networking gear which makes the entire concept work for the purpose.


  • VMs can be saved on thumb drives or optical disks, and directing it to the new location so that the virtual machines can be updated incrementally with the latest changes.
  • VM’s virtual hard disk can be migrated live with the help of this solution.
  • This software can be scalable.
  • In order to create virtual storage disk that too with a dimension of 16 TB in size, you can consider the usage of a new virtual file system called VHDX.
  • This software would allow the system to support 32 virtual processors for every individual virtual machine and it also provides an appropriate memory size of 512 GB.

There are certain emergency situations where this release can be proved to be handy such as due to upcoming threat of flood or hurricane, if your data center is at risk then the software allows that the content might be moved to another facility. But as we know the moving of content depends upon the sizes of most data center-run systems as a result we have seen that only a handful of VMs can move at the same time.

Another appropriate situation would be permanent migration of systems. This means that without undergoing any downtime effect, this technology allows one data center to migrate to the next data center that too permanently. This would become most important for us when we would deal with data center consolidation projects.

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