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CommonSpot Cloud Launched

July 30th, 2011    Posted in web hosting

A secure web platform which provides a strong content management solution is called CommonSpot. Some of the advantageous aspects are Web 2.0 and social media apps, suite of marketing solutions, and an open-source application development framework. This development framework permits different organization to create high-level web experience. Being a marketing suite, it allows various organizations to increase their site traffic, brand loyalty, and conversion rates. For achieving amazing results, CommonSpot can also act as a web foundation which place power of authority into the hands of marketer. It helps its users to publish Web content via any delivery channel such as video, media, streaming media etc.

The IT sector has been given an ability to create and deploy tailored functionality which is almost 50% faster in comparison to usual mode. CommonSpot CloudTM has been released by the leading provider of web content management system i.e. PaperThin Inc. Todd Peter is the founder and the president of the leading organization called PaperThin. Its product connects people and brands through the Web. This product is a SaaS version of its award-winning management system. It also helps the marketers to combine their creativity with its powerful web content so that they can achieve their target without encountering a bottleneck.

At four basic price levels, PaperThin is a powerful platform which is available on Amazon elastic compute cloud. Express, professional, standard and enterprise are the four price levels. In order to customize the customer’s specific needs, it can easily be used. Web operating costs, administrative burdens gets lowered with the usage of CommonSpot cloud and in addition frees up IT resources.

The need of your organization can be easily met irrespective of its budget, size, platform or resources. The cold fusion- based solution will help you to round out all the available choices provided by the company. It provides some of the primary benefits such as high impact results, multi-channel optimization and fast time to market. With these benefits, new business can be strengthened with respect to brand presence by making it SEO enabled and interactive.


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AYKSolutions Partners With Linux mint OS Company

July 26th, 2011    Posted in web hosting

In the field of shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, AYK solution is one of the leading web hosting companies in the New York-based market. It provides comprehensive range of high quality of web hosting services since 2004. To support the growth of Linux Mint operating system, it has encouraged further development in the Linux community. Artyom Khmelnitsky is the president of AYK solutions who states that Linux mint is an easy to use and actively supported operating system. They offer Denver data center facility which is currently used by the Linux mint for its repositories.

Benefits of Linux Mint:-


  • This operating system facilitates responsiveness, flexibility and also supports wide range of software packages.
  • In the world, it is the second most popular Linux variant.
  • A dedicated server hosting solution is required by Linux mint operating system in order to boast consistent performance across all the aspects of the hardware.
  • AYK solutions offers these benefits along with disk space of up to four 1.5TB hard drives, RAM of up to 128GB, and 10Mbps/100Mbps/1Gbps dedicated uplink.
  • This allows its user to browse, download and install all new applications easily.


The founder of Linux mint was Clement Lefebvre. The Linux mint operating system was sponsored by AYK solutions which has got two servers both of which are located in Denver, USA. The first server hosts the repositories of this operating system with 100Mbps unmetered bandwidth. The second server has been recently set up, which hosts the new “Incoming” and “Latest” Debian Testing repositories and it was used by LMDE. The most challenging factor in designing the new update mechanism for LMDE was to provide bandwidth and also to make sure that users could use their server in replacement of Debian ones. The president of the company has stated that they are honored for being one of the core server providers for Linux Mint. This leading web hosting company will continue to work and support their discovery of Linux mint as long as necessary. This new partnership will continue to be a powerful force in the growth of the web hosting and IT industry.

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VMWare VSphere 5 – Cloud Infrastructure Made Easy

July 19th, 2011    Posted in cloud hosting

The latest version in vSphere hypervisor is vSphere 5 which has been released along with a host of additional technologies that can aid in building “infrastructure clouds”.  Vmware added more power to this virtualization platform by unveiling a virtual appliance tailored for small-to-midsize businesses. This new release is all set to provide better application performance and availability for all business-critical applications while automating the management of an increasingly broad pool of datacenter resources.


Vsphere 5 comes with nearly 200 new and enhanced capabilities and thus has given stiff competition to Vmware’s lead rivals Citrix, Microsoft, and Red Hat. The most striking features of this new release is it has a cloud friendly licensing scheme, smarter than ever management tools and support for virtual machines (VMs) that are up to four times more powerful than previous versions with up to 1 terabyte of memory and 32 virtual CPU. These virtual machines can process in excess of 1 million I/O operations per second and hence are more than sufficient for even the most resource intensive applications.


The task of virtualizing any business-critical applications would be easy as ABC. There has been significant enhancements in the platform’s unique datacenter resource management capabilities, delivering intelligent policy management to support an automated approach towards managing the datacenter resources. Users would only have to formulate the policies and define the parameters and Vsphere 5 can take care of the rest. The new Auto-Deploy, Profile-Driven Storage and Storage DRS features can actually save up to a full year of administrator time for a user with a 1,000-VM environment.


The VMware vSphere® 5 and the cloud infrastructure suite brings forth an expansive package of technologies that are capable of providing the automation, self-service and security capabilities users are looking for. The VMware Vshield 5 has an adaptive, software-based security model designed for virtual and cloud environments and thus takes care of security, control and compliance issues. The VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 will actually allow users to get double number of protected applications for the same cost while supporting heterogeneous storage configurations in the primary and backup sites. The VMware vCloud Director 1.5 will substantially help in cutting the time needed for provisioning new servers.

It seems so far that the SMBs have been most benefitted from VSphere 5 release and the most number of customers for VMware have emerged from this segment. VMware has indeed come up with all-in-one solutions for SMBs of all sizes.  Going by what is currently available in the market, VMware delivers the most comprehensive portfolio of virtualization and cloud computing offerings for businesses of all sizes. Their diverse range of products aimed at giving the best virtualization platform experience include VMware vSphere Kits for SMBs, VMware Go, VMware Go Pro and VMware vSphere Hypervisor .

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XenServer 6.0 Beta Out Now

July 17th, 2011    Posted in web server news

XenServer 6.0 Beta is here for anyone looking for cross-platform management tools compatible with VMware vSphere and Microsoft System Center. This new release is primarily based on the the Xen 4.1 hypervisor. This new virtualization platform comes packed with powerful features and there is a very strong possibility that more would be added soon.

The XenServer 6.0 Beta Advantage:

  • A very simplistic infrastructure requirement
  • The default network stack is now the Open vSwitch (OVS)
  • This version offers Xendesktop enhancements and improvements like HDX enhancements, optimized virtual desktop user experience and GPU pass-through.
  • Increased host RAM support which is now 1 TB
  • Platform improvements and enhancements like “Rolling Pool Upgrade” wizard, NFS support for High availability, increased VM vCPU, vRAM levels and NIC bonding improvements.
  • The 6.0 release offers the flexibility of assigning a physical GPU to a virtual machine thus enabling applications running in the guest to leverage GPU instructions
  • The Self Service and Cloud Building Tools help users to create a private cloud self service environment.
  • The new release allows management of XenServers and VMs with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) which is slated for release in 2012.
  • Unlike the previous version this one allows Guest OS support for many more operating systems other than Ubuntu.
  • The new version has moved from the Windows-based “StorageLink Gateway” to “integrated StorageLink”. The greatest advantage is that site Recovery is no longer based on StorageLink.  This enables DR support for virtually any iSCSI or Hardware HBA storage repository scenario where the underlying array includes replication features.
  • An improved support for hardware-assisted (SR-IOV) network performance optimizations, particularly for use with the NetScaler VPX and SDX products.

This version of XenServer would be using Open vSwitch for distributed virtual networking as well as network interface card-bonding support and jumbo frames support. W e have seen significant improvements in the XenServer product line over the last few years but it still remains to be seen whether this new release actually proves to be better in all aspects.

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